Is M-84 a good tank?

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Is M-84 a good tank?

For its time, the M-84 was a fairly modern tank with good protection, thanks to its composite armor. This armor arrangement equated to around 350 mm of RHA against Armor-Piercing Fin-Stabilized Discarding Sabot (APFSDS) and around 450 mm against High Explosive Anti-Tank (HEAT) projectiles.

Did Yugoslavia have tanks?

Yugoslav tank brigades comprised two or three battalions each with 31 tanks in three ten tank companies. They operated 1114 Soviet T-54s and T-55s, 73 Soviet T-72s, 443 Yugoslav M-84s, and some United States-made M-47 tanks. The army also had a reserve of old T-34/85 and Sherman tanks from World War II.

How much does a M-84 cost?

Designed 1979-1983
Manufacturer Yugoimport SDPR.
Unit cost € 25,000,000 or $ 31,380,000
Produced 1983-present

When was the M-84 tank made?

Development. The M-84 is based on the Soviet T-72M (export variant of T-72A) but with many improvements, including introducing domestic fire-control system that T-72M lacked, improved composite armor, and a 1000-hp engine. The M-84 entered service with the Yugoslav People’s Army in 1984.

Is the T 72 A good tank?

Impressive. Key point: The T-72 was a good tank and has been continuously upgraded. At least 25,000 T-72s have been built, making it the second-most prolific post-World War II tank, coming in behind only the ubiquitous T-54/T-55.

Can you buy a used tank?

Yes, civilians can legally own tanks. There are hundreds to thousands of used tanks available for purchase online. The dealer often ships the tank to the nearest seaport to the buyer. The buyer then needs to arrange the delivery of the tank from the port to their private property.

Did Yugoslavia have tanks in ww2?

The Renault R35 was the first modern Yugoslavian tank. In total, 54 were acquired from France in April 1940, shortly before the German invasion. The companies equipped with FT and M-28 tanks were assigned to the Second Army in Sarajevo (Сарајево), Third Army in Skopje (Скопље) and Fourth Army in Zagreb (Загреб).

Does Russia still use the T-72?

At least 25,000 T-72s have been built, making it the second-most prolific post-World War II tank, coming in behind only the ubiquitous T-54/T-55. That the T-72 is still in service today — and still being used by about 45 countries, including Russia — speaks to the longevity of this vehicle.

Where did Yugoslavia export its M-84 tanks?

About 150 M-84 tanks were exported to Kuwait. The disintegration of Yugoslavia in the 1990s prevented further exports of the M-84. Sales of M84 including negotiations of contracts with foreign partners were done through Yugoimport SDPR, at that time acting as Yugoslav state agency.

Where was the M-84 main battle tank made?

M-90 Vihor, a prototype main battle tank developed in the late 1980s. M-84AB1, also referred as the M-2001, developed in Serbia. It is broadly similar to Russian T-90 in capabilities and appearance.

Is there a Serbian version of the m 84?

M-84AS1 is a comprehensive Serbian upgrade of the M-84 tanks. It was first publicly revealed in 2020. The M-84AS1 is fitted with explosive reactive armor kit of new design. A rear of the hull is covered with cage armor.

Is the M-91 based on the m 84?

The M-91 was a newly developed Yugoslavian tank, rather than an up-grade, but based on the M-84. It never made it past the prototype stage due to the break up of Yugoslavia, but would contribute to further developments in Croatia and Serbia.