Is Mizuho a bank?

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Is Mizuho a bank?

Mizuho Bank is a leading global bank with one of the largest customer bases in Japan, and an extensive international network covering financial and business centers around the world.

What does Mizuho financial Group do?

Mizuho offers a range of financial services, including banking, securities, trust and asset management services, employing more than 59,132 people throughout 880 offices.

Is Mizuho a good place to work?

Good Solid Company Mizuho is a traditional Japanese financial institution which lends a very conservative feel to the work environment. The people at Mizuho are very talented and hard working and it is a great place to work if you have the opportunity.

How many countries does Mizuho operate in?

Mizuho Bank has over 505 branches and offices in Japan and in 38 other countries, and is the only bank to have branches in every prefecture in Japan.

What does Mizuho mean?

Mizuho (瑞穂) literally means “abundant rice” in Japanese and “harvest” in the figurative sense. It was also an ancient name of Japan.

When was Mizuho founded?

April 1, 2002
Mizuho Bank/Founded

How many employees does Mizuho have?

Mizuho Financial Group/Number of employees

What does Mizuho mean in Japanese?

abundant rice
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Mizuho (瑞穂) literally means “abundant rice” in Japanese and “harvest” in the figurative sense. It was also an ancient name of Japan.

Is Mizuho Securities part of Mizuho Bank?

Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd. (みずほ証券株式会社, Mizuho Shōken Kabushiki-gaisha) is a Japanese investment banking and securities firm. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mizuho Financial Group.

What Korean name means moon?

Dal. Dal is a Korean name meaning moon.

Who are the directors of Mizuho Financial Group?

Messrs. Tatsuo Kainaka, Yoshimitsu Kobayashi, Ryoji Sato, Takashi Tsukioka, Masami Yamamoto and Ms. Izumi Kobayashi satisfying the requirements for outside directors, as defined in the Companies Act of Japan, and those for independent directors, as difined both by the Tokyo Stock Exchange and by Mizuho Financial Group.

How many Mizuho Bank customers are there in Japan?

We are consecutively ranked #1 in the league tables for Japan syndicated loans and senior corporate debt. We cover approximately 70% listed companies in Japan. We serve approximately 24 million retail banking customers in Japan.

What does Mizuho Americas do for its clients?

At Mizuho Americas, we harness the best of both hemispheres and turn it into global strength. We provide corporates and institutions in EMEA with unparalleled access and expertise in Japan and Asia, as well as supporting Japanese clients with their financing needs in our region.

When did Mizuho Bank and Nippon Kangyo Bank merge?

In 1971 the Dai-ichi Bank and the Nippon Kangyo Bank merged to form the Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank, Limited. Mizuho itself was created from the remnants of these mergers, and in 1999 DKB, Fuji and IBJ announced an agreement to consolidate the three banks’ operations.