Is New Zealand Mint legitimate?

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Is New Zealand Mint legitimate?

New Zealand Mint is well respected amongst the international bullion community. Our bullion traders offer an extensive range of the highest quality . 999 silver and . 9999 gold products.

Who owns NZ Mint?

Simon Harding
New Zealand Mint has a new owner, who’s eyeing up international expansion. New Zealander Simon Harding has purchased the company, which trades bullion and issues commemorative coins, from its founder, Gary McNabb for an undisclosed amount.

Do Royal Mint uncirculated coins increase in value?

The pieces are not expected to rise in value over time and, despite being deemed legal tender, are rarely accepted by shops or banks.

Does NZ have a mint?

New Zealand Mint (Māori: Te Kamupene Whakanao o Aotearoa) is a privately owned company in Auckland, New Zealand. It is the only privately owned mint in New Zealand, purchasing refined gold from international sources to produce coins.

What’s the currency of New Zealand?

New Zealand dollar
New Zealand/Currencies
New Zealand’s unit of currency is the dollar (NZ$). All major credit cards can be used in New Zealand, with Visa and MasterCard accepted most widely.

What is the NZ gold coin made of?

During the manufacturing process the steel core is covered with layers of nickel and copper, giving the coin its characteristic colour and surface. One and two dollar coins are made of an aluminium-bronze alloy.

What is the most expensive coin in New Zealand?

Ruler: Elizabeth II(504)

What can you do with old coins NZ?

Donations of old New Zealand and any foreign currency can be made at:

  • Resene Colorshops nationwide;
  • selected New World supermarkets in Queenstown, Wellington, Wairarapa, Taranaki, Manawatu and Hawkes Bay, Remuera; and.
  • i-Sites nationwide.
  • Resene Colorshop in Tauranga at the bottom of Waihi Road will take the old coins.

What is the smallest coin in NZ?

With a diameter of 17.53 millimetres, it is the smallest coin ever issued of the dollar, and at 2.07 grams in mass the lightest as well….New Zealand one-cent coin.

New Zealand
Value 0.01 New Zealand dollars
Mass 2.07 g
Diameter 17.53 mm