Is Pentium T4500 good?

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Is Pentium T4500 good?

Due to the slow clock rate and the small level 2 cache, the Pentium T4500 will limit the performance of demanding 3D games (e.g. Supreme Commander). For entry level applications like office, SD video cutting, image processing, Internet and casual gaming, the T4500 should be sufficient.

What generation is Pentium T4500?


Market: Mobile
Release Date: Jan 1st, 2010
Codename: Penryn
Generation: Pentium Dual-Core (Penryn)
Part#: SLGZC

Is Pentium T4500 64 bit?

Its X64, a 64-bit OS would use the full potential of this CPU.

Can I replace Pentium with i5?

If I have found the correct Maintenance and Service Guide, the Core i5 and i3 models use a different system board to the Pentium and Celeron models, indicating that your proposed upgrade is impossible without also changing the system board.

Can I upgrade from i3 to i5?

PC Help Center Unfortunately, there are several factors that may make it impossible to upgrade from an i3 to an i5. The processor may be integrated into the motherboard. On most laptop computers and some desktop models, the CPU is actually integrated with the motherboard, making it impossible to replace.

What is better Pentium 4 or Pentium D?

Pentium 4s are single core processors while Pentium Ds are dual cores. But their architectures are the same. Since there are two of the same inside the Pentium D, it consumes much more power to have both cores running at peak. Motherboards that support the Pentium D had to cope with its higher power requirement.

What kind of processor is the Intel Pentium t4500?

The T4500 is a Socket P microprocessor, based on Penryn core. There are also 49 Intel Penryn microprocessors, that work in the same socket. Below you will find brief characteristics of these parts, as well as stepping information. Specifications

Is the Intel GL40 Express compatible with the Pentium t4500?

Intel Pentium T4500 chipset compatibility A list of chipsets, compatible with the Pentium T4500, is based on CPU support lists, published on our website. Intel GL40 Express

What is the bus frequency of the Intel t4500?

Actual bus frequency is 200 MHz. Because the processor uses Quad Data Rate bus the effective bus speed is 800 MHz If you want to compare in detail the Intel T4500 with any other processor from our CPU database please select desired processor using one of the following methods:

What are the characteristics of an Intel Pentium?

Detailed characteristics of processor’s internals, including x86 instruction set extensions and individual instructions, high- and low-level technologies, are listed below. This list was acquired from an actual Intel Pentium Dual-Core Mobile T4500 processor with the help of the x86 CPUID instruction.