Is Revolver the best album ever?

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Is Revolver the best album ever?

In contrast, the release of Revolver was overshadowed by Lennon’s infamous and widely misinterpreted ‘more popular than Jesus’ comments. But time has affirmed the enduring worth of Revolver. It now stands as The Beatles’ greatest album.

Why is The Beatles album called Revolver?

Why is the album called Revolver? It’s a pun on the way an LP revolves at 33-and-a-third revolutions a minute. However, the name was a work of desperation as it was ALMOST called “Beatles On Safari” or “Abracadabra”.

Why is Revolver The greatest album?

Every track is a killer They are all under three minutes long, except “Love You To” and “I’m Only Sleeping,” which clock in at 3:01 and 3:02 respectively. Whether they were influenced by psychedelic sounds, the Indian sitar, or punk clash chords, every song on Revolver is a perfect pop song through and through.

What Beatles album is best?

So without further ado, here’s Live365’s picks for the Top 10 Beatles albums!

  1. Abbey Road (1969)
  2. Sgt.
  3. The Beatles (The White Album) (1968)
  4. Revolver (1966)
  5. Rubber Soul (1965)
  6. Please Please Me (1963)
  7. Magical Mystery Tour (1967)
  8. A Hard Day’s Night (1964)

Why is it called a Rubber Soul?

‘Rubber Soul’ is a punningly-titled album and it takes its name from a reference Paul McCartney heard from a man in the United States referring to Mick Jagger and The Rolling Stones as “good, but plastic soul”. McCartney says that this was “the germ of ‘Rubber Soul'”.

Are old Beatles 45s worth anything?

That particular label is worth well over 1,000 dollars today. A little side note, a lot of people have records that are in very poor condition, and one thing people are adamant about with collecting records, is finding the highest quality, best condition, like the day it was released record.

Did any of The Beatles play bass?

Each member of The Beatles were multi-instrumentalists. However during their time together, John Lennon played rhythm guitar, Paul McCartney played bass guitar, George Harrison played lead guitar, and Ringo Starr played the drums.

Did The Beatles play Revolver live?

None of the songs on ‘Revolver’ were ever performed live, even though it came out just before The Beatles headed out on their final tour of the US in August 1966. The Beatles contract with their label EMI expired during the making of ‘Revolver’, meaning they weren’t actually under contract while recording the album.

What is considered the worst Beatles album?

Beatles Albums Ranked Worst to Best

  • ‘A Hard Day’s Night’ (1964)
  • ‘With the Beatles’ (1963)
  • ‘Please Please Me’ (1963)
  • ‘Let It Be’ (1970)
  • ‘Help!
  • ‘Beatles for Sale’ (1964)
  • ‘Magical Mystery Tour’ (1967)
  • ‘Yellow Submarine’ (1969)