Is there a way to change the wallpaper in Xfce?

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Is there a way to change the wallpaper in Xfce?

Again, the default Xfce wallpaper is not bad at all. But you can change the wallpaper to something that matches with your icons and themes. To change wallpapers in Xfce, right click on the desktop and click on Desktop Settings. You can change the desktop background from your custom collection or the defaults one given.

How can I Make my Xfce desktop look better?

Any theme will look even better with a matching wallpaper. Go to Settings -> Desktop -> Background and change your wallpaper. Now you know that with some effort you can indeed make your Xfce look modern and beautiful. Moreover, with extra effort you can even make it look gorgeous.

What are some themes to make Xfce look good?

If some of the icon themes show this warning: Xfce icon theme warning to update the cache. Run the following command in the terminal: But of course change yourIconsTheme to your icons theme name. This should fix an issue and remove the warning. Numix theme and icons. Paper theme and icons. Arc-light theme and La Capitane icons.

How to make a folder visible in Xfce?

You can make the .theme and .icons folders visible by pressing Ctrl+H or in the menu of your file manager View -> Show Hidden Files. Install Xfce themes and icons deb packages. The Paper Icons I mentioned above is little different from all the other themes.

What should the default Xfce desktop look like?

The default Xfce desktop environment looks something like this : Default Xfce screen. As you can see, the default Xfce desktop is kinda boring. We will use some themes, icon packs and change the default dock to make it look fresh and a bit revealing.

How can I change the default theme on Xfce?

If the folder is not present by default, you can create one and the same goes for icons which needs a .icons folder in the home directory. Open Settings > Appearance > Style to select the theme, log out and login to see the change. Adwaita-dark from default is also a nice one. You can use any good GTK theme on Xfce.

Which is the best theme for Xfce for Linux?

Best Xfce Themes for Linux 1 PRO Dark 2 Prof 3 Dots Theme 4 OneColor 5 McOS CTLina 6 City 7 Arctodon 8 Plano 9 Pop 10 Neon Knights