Is Toor Jatt?

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Is Toor Jatt?

Toor is a Rajput, Jat and Dalit clan. They are originally Jats from the Tomara clan who either became powerful and known as Rajputs or became poor and merged with dalit clans.

Where is the surname thiara from?

Thiara (Hindi: थियाडा, Marathi: थीयारा) is most common in England. It may also be rendered in the variant forms: Thiarã. For other possible spellings of this surname click here.

Is Sangha a Jatt surname?

Indian (Panjab): Sikh name based on the name of a Jat tribe.

Is Rai a Jatt surname?

Some adopted the surnames of their villages such as Gill and Rai, originally Jatt surnames, or close derivatives such as Shergill and Kalirai.

WHO IS Tomar caste?

Tomar (also called/spelled Tomara, Tanwar) is a clan, some members of which ruled parts of North India at different times. People belonging to the Tomara clan are found among the Rajputs, Jats and Gurjars of northern India. They are decedent of Arjun the Archer of Mahabharat.

Is Saini a Jatt?

Saini is a warrior caste, Jatt is not a caste its a farming or agricultural community. In Punjab both Saini and Jatt are land owner farmers.

Is Johal a Jatt surname?

Indian: Sikh name of unknown meaning, based on the name of a tribe in the Jat community.

Is Mahal a Jatt surname?

The Marhal also prononounced Mandal, Marral or Mahal, are sometime pronounced Mandal, are a Jat gotra, now found mainly in Punjab, although some are still found in Jarauda in Muzaffarnagar District of Uttar Pradesh. They are one of the larger Muley Jat clans.