PayKun: Domestic and International Payment Gateway Service Provider in India

PayKun: Domestic and International Payment Gateway Service Provider in India

12/03/2021 Off By admin
PayKun: Domestic and International Payment Gateway Service Provider in India

With the help of the internet, it has become possible to reach any corner of your country or even the world. It has benefitted on a large scale to the businesses to spread its reach across the globe. A freelancer from India can have a client from the US and an eCommerce can have an online order from Malaysia, an offline shop could be selling to its customers from some other country. This has become a common operation. PayKun payment gateway makes the payment system easy in this whole selling process.

Payment Gateway Created for India

If you have an Indian business the best option would be to get a merchant account with PayKun. It provides domestic as well as international payment gateway solutions to all kind of supported businesses with a primary quality of ease of access. Whether you have a small startup or a large enterprise, domestic or international, PayKun supports all kinds of businesses from individual ones, bloggers, freelancers, YouTubers, eCommerce, etc.

Whether you have an online business or an offline one, you require a means to collect online payments in today’s digital world. Also, when you are providing your services worldwide it becomes quite a necessity to have them. Offering multiple options to make the payment in an easy and secure way with the preferred payment methods can be done through an ideal payment gateway.

Why would PayKun be suitable for your business?

There are a few features that need to be present in a global payment gateway when you are selecting it as your payment partner for your international business. These aspects are present in PayKun fulfilling the eligibility criteria as your online payment processor. The article further discusses all these features in details-

Cheapest Domestic and Affordable for International Gateway

PayKun has among the lowest per-transaction rate of flat 1.75% plus applicable taxes. And you pay the fees only when your customer makes a payment. Means, there is no other kind of fees charged by the PayKun. There are no setup fees or maintenance fees. Also, no hidden charges are levied to cover up the above costs. The international rates are also competitive and easy on the pocket.

Multiple Payment options

The merchant can accept domestic as well as international payments with 120+ available payment options. And they can accept the payments in 29+ currencies. They can provide the customers the option to pay by any credit or debit card, 80+ Netbanking options, UPI, Paytm & other wallets, QR Code, etc.

Easy Integration

Various ready payment gateway integrations kits are available to give the best checkout process to the customers. It is necessary to have an easy and user-friendly interface to create the best checkout experience and PayKun provides the same. It has easy to integrate ready plugins and SDKs for all major available platforms like PHP, Magento, Android, iOS, WordPress, Ruby, Python, .Net, Node JS, Java, WHMCS, Prestashop, Opencart, etc. They require no technical knowledge and can be integrated quickly and efficiently. PayKun provides free integration services and a very responsive technical team which makes the integration task further easy.

Accept Online payments with fast settlement options

We provide an easy and fast settlement as per the business model. It ranges from T + 1/2/3 working days (T is the transaction date).

PayKun Payment links

With PayKun you can accept online payments on mobile, shop, or online websites. You can integrate it with your website or mobile application or another option is the payment links. These are like normal links that can be copied, pasted, and sent through a possible medium like messenger, email, WhatsApp, etc. It does not need a website or app and runs independently. It can be used to accept domestic and international payments. There is also the option of the master links. These links enable the customer to enter the amount and the purpose of payment, unlike the payment links.

PayKun makes payments simple, secure & reliable

It follows the highest level of the security of the card data to make sure that it is impossible to hack the sensitive card information and ultimately the funds. So, it is PCI DSS Level 1 compliant and follows the AES 256 bit encryption standards. Also, it is SSL certified which secured the connection between the server and the PayKun browser website. It has gained a lot of reputation in a short span of time and trusted by 10000+ merchants. Also, it has processed 20+ million worth of successful transactions with the best of the services.

Smart Merchant Dashboard

It helps the merchant track online transactions done through PayKun Payment Gateway and is a great way to manage online transactions. All other related functions like settlements, payment links, customer data, reports, test mode, etc can be accessed from the dashboard easily.

So, you may register with PayKun now and start collecting domestic and international payments for your business.