Should I kill the slavers at Lincoln Memorial?

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Should I kill the slavers at Lincoln Memorial?

Hannibal and the others should appear and no longer be hostile. He will give you the reward and the quest will be complete. Killing the slavers prior to the quest will fail the quest when the memorial is reached, with the message “Hannibal Hamlin and Leroy Walker are dead”, even though Hamlin is alive.

Where is Lincoln’s head fallout3?

the Temple of the Union
Before the quest Head of State, Lincoln’s head is at the Temple of the Union. Hannibal Hamlin sets up a settlement at the Lincoln Memorial and restores the head to the statue if the player character helps him take the memorial from the slavers.

What memorial did Hannibal Hamlin want to restore?

Lincoln Memorial
All Answers for the Game Show Gauntlet in Fallout Shelter

Question Answer
What monument did Hannibal Hamlin want to restore? Lincoln Memorial
What was the name of the Super Mutant Behemoth hiding in the Boston Common pond? Swan
What famous statue lost its head in the Capital Wasteland? Abraham Lincoln

Who are slavers in Fallout 3?

Slaves are unlucky wastelanders that have been captured by slavers working at Paradise Falls.

Where is Leroy Walker fallout3?

Leroy Walker may appear past the steps in the memorial itself instead of in the maintenance room where Silas leads the player.

Who is the sheriff of megaton fallout shelter?

Lucas Simms
Lucas Simms is the sheriff and mayor of Megaton in 2277.

What happened Bumble Fallout 3?

She will eventually encounter super mutants and be killed. Bumble will run back to little lamplight and re-enter the cave. You can then go to Paradise Falls and talk to Eulogy Jones. You will still receive the Boogeyman’s hood, However Bumble will still be in her slave collar; this cannot be fixed.

Who is the leader of the Republic of Dave?

President Dave show
The Republic of Dave

Leaders President Dave showFormerly King Larry Stevie-Ray Bill King Tom
Merchants Shawna (requires Speech check)