Was Laurens van der Post knighted?

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Was Laurens van der Post knighted?

Van der Post was knighted in 1981. In all, he wrote 26 books, including The Heart of the Hunter (1961) and The Seed and the Sower (1963) and finished a volume of an autobiography earlier this year, The Admiral’s Baby, which told of the 22 months he spent in Java after his release from the Japanese prisoner-of-war camp.

Who wrote The Lost World of Kalahari?

Laurens van der Post
The Lost World of the Kalahari/Authors
In this enthralling book van der Post establishes his role as a distinguished explorer and writer describing the rediscovery of the Bushmen, outcast survivors from Stone Age Africa. Laurens van der Post was fascinated and appalled at the fate of this remarkable people.

What did Laurens van der Post do for a living?

Sir Laurens Jan van der Post, CBE (13 December 1906 – 16 December 1996) was a 20th-century South African Afrikaner author, farmer, soldier, political adviser to British heads of government, close friend of Prince Charles, godfather of Prince William, educator, journalist, humanitarian, philosopher, explorer and conservationist.

Who is the daughter of Van der Post?

Lucia Crichton-Miller, van der Post’s daughter, also offered a passionate defense of her father. ”I think it a profoundly dishonest book,” she said from London.

When did the Second World War start Laurens van der Post?

When the Second World War started in 1939 he found himself torn between England and South Africa, his new love and his family; his career was at a dead end, and he was in depressed spirits, often drinking heavily.

When did Laurens van der Post go to the Kalahari?

In 1955 the BBC commissioned van der Post to return to the Kalahari in search of the Bushmen, a journey that turned into a six-part television documentary series in 1956. In 1958 his best known book was published under the same title as the BBC series: The Lost World of the Kalahari.