What are 60mm wheels good for?

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What are 60mm wheels good for?

Diameter 50-60mm, Durometer 95-101a These hard wheels are the best skateboard wheels for park and street skating because they are lightweight, roll fast on smooth surfaces, and slide easily. This makes it easier to do ollies, flip tricks, power slides, and other technical tricks.

Do shark wheels make a difference?

As for grip on the road, Shark wheels have an exceptional grip on surfaces, even in wet conditions. You will feel minimal, if any slippage at all while you speed through parking lots, sidewalks, and just about any other hard, even-ish ground surface. Now, these wheels have only a couple shortcomings.

Are shark wheels good for rain?

Above all else, Shark wheels are an attention getter. They’ll roll a little faster than normal wheels and will work better in the rain than regular longboard wheels which is an advantage to our all weather riders. Besides that, they are able to ride through a bit more road debris than regular wheels.

What are the dimensions of a Shark Wheel?

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Why are Shark Wheels called sine wave wheels?

Why Shark Wheels? The width is increased, but the friction is decreased! The sine wave design provides three lips per wheel for superior lateral grip. When you want to slide, they break away smoothly and recover easily.

Why are the grooves on Shark Wheels so important?

Shark wheels claims again that the pattern of the grooves reduces your chances of hydroplaning by channeling liquid away from the surface of the wheel. Now keep in mind, you always wanna try to avoid riding in wet conditions because if it gets into your bearings it could rust them quicker.