What are Category 3 films?

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What are Category 3 films?

In strict legal terms, a Category III film is one forbidden to any viewer under the age of 18. The classification was created in 1988 with the passing of Hong Kong’s film censorship law.

What was one of the major reason that led to the dwindling of Hong Kong film industry in early 1990s?

The Hong Kong film industry saw a decline in the 1990s due to rampant piracy and the loss of regional markets. The situation worsened during the first five years after Hong Kong became a Special Administrative Region of China as the city was hit by Asian Financial Crisis that began in 1997 and the SARS epidemic.

What is Hong Kong cinema known for?

Although it owes a large debt to its mainland heritage, Hong Kong cinema helped popularise entire genres of film such as kung fu and wuxia on top of creating specifically local genres like mo lei tau comedies and heroic bloodshed action films.

Are movies in Hong Kong in English?

Many films are shown in English (or with English subtitles) in Hong Kong and most cinemas are modern and comfortable. International films are shown in the original language with Chinese subtitles or may be dubbed into Cantonese. Cinemas in the city districts often screen more English-language movies.

What is IIA rating?

Category IIA and IIB classifications are advisory (no statutory age restriction is imposed) and are intended to give more information to movie-goers, parents in particular, to help them select films for themselves or their children. Age restriction is mandatory for Category III films.

Does Hong Kong still make movies?

Despite an industry crisis starting in the mid-1990s and Hong Kong’s transfer to Chinese sovereignty in July 1997, Hong Kong film has retained much of its distinctive identity and continues to play a prominent part on the world cinema stage.

How many films are made in Hong Kong?

In 2019, 64 out of 87 National Radio and Television Administration (NRTA)-approved film co-production applications were Hong Kong-mainland projects….Film Entertainment Industry in Hong Kong.

2018 2019
Number of local films released 53 46
Number of foreign films released 300 280
Total box-office receipts, including foreign films (HK$ million) 1,958 1,923

Why do Chinese videos always have subtitles?

It makes it easier to understand regional colloquialisms, as the subtitles will replace them with Mandarin versions. For example, the Cantonese “nei hai bin dou”, instead of being shown as “你喺邊度”, will be subtitled as “你在哪里”.

Does China have a movie rating system?

Because there is no film rating system currently in China, film directors do not know if their particular treatment of sex, violence, and other sensitive issues in a particular film or scene will pass censorship.

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Are there any Category 3 films in Hong Kong?

This applies to films produced in Hong Kong or elsewhere. The Category III rating is applicable to films produced anywhere. The list below contains only Category III films produced in Hong Kong. Contents 1Pre-1988 films

How old do you have to be to watch category 3 movies?

Level Three: Persons Aged 18 and Above Only – No one younger than 18 years of age are permitted to rent, purchase, or watch this film in a movie theatre So in general category III films are like The Game of Thrones – Blood, boobs and more boobs.

Which is the best movie of HK Filth?

1870s HK Filth – The Best of CAT III Cinema If you’re not familiar with CAT III cinema (a few stray IIb’s), prepare to have your morals decimated. Block or Report Block this memberThis member is blocked

How old do you have to be to watch Hong Kong movies?

According to the Hong Kong motion picture rating systemintroduced in 1988, the restriction applicable to Category III films is thus defined: “No persons younger than 18 years of age are permitted to rent, purchase, or watch this film in the cinema.” This applies to films produced in Hong Kong or elsewhere.