What are confidential employees?

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What are confidential employees?

A confidential employee is defined as someone who assists and acts in a confidential capacity to the management personnel who make and implement labor relations policies, or as someone who has regular access to confidential information about future bargaining strategy or changes that the employer anticipates may result …

How do you look for a job discreetly?

How to Search for a Job Without Getting Busted by Your BossDecide if you want to stay inside your current company. Search on your own dime. Work with a recruiter. Be mindful of your online activity. Consider keeping your online resume anonymous. Mum’s the word. Interview outside of office hours.

Is it bad to say not to contact a former employer?

It is common practice to say “no” to contacting your current employer. Employers understand this and won’t be concerned if you request that they not contact your current employer. Not giving permission to contact previous employers can give a negative impression.

What is a former employer allowed to say about you?

Legally, a former employer can say anything that is factual and accurate. Concern about lawsuits is why many employers will only confirm dates of employment, your position, and salary.

What questions can you legally ask a former employer?

Fear of lawsuits often prevent employers from giving out too much information, but some questions have a better chance of eliciting an answer.What Dates Did the Employee Work There? What is The Documented Departure Reason? Would You Rehire? Does the Employee Pose a Threat? Other Questions.