What are stage stalls Old Vic?

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What are stage stalls Old Vic?

The Stalls is one large block of seating without a central aisle. Rows become wider the rear of the auditorium, curving towards the ends. This can cause seats at the ends of rows to be angled towards the stage.

Where in London is the Old Vic?

The Old Vic is a 1,000-seat, not-for-profit producing theatre just south-east of Waterloo station on the corner of the Cut and Waterloo Road in Lambeth, London, England.

Why are Theatres called Old Vic?

The Old Vic started life as the Royal Coburg Theatre, taking its name from its patron His Serene Highness Leopold, Prince of Saxe-Coburg and his wife, Princess Charlotte.

How old is the Old Vic?

203c. 1818
The Old Vic/Age

Why is the Old Vic important?

The Old Vic is a leader in workplace cultural behaviour and now consults for organisations in the arts and cross-sector around how to instil a culture of openness and respect.

Why is it called Old Vic?

How many seats are in the Old Vic Theatre?

Old Vic Theatre seating plan. The Old Vic Theatre has a capacity of 1031 seats, including 554 seats in the Stalls, 208 seats in the Dress Circle and 269 seats in the Lilian Baylis Circle.

Where can I see the seat views at the Vic?

We expend a lot of effort developing our seating charts/seat maps because we understand how crucial they are to choosing the right event. When possible, we’ll provide you with photos of actual seat views from different locations in a venue. You can go to our Vic Theatre seat views page to see them.

What are the rows in the Old Vic?

This includes the first and last three seats of row B and a few pairs of seats in row E.Side seats in rows X-Z (excluding more central seats from around seat numbers 14-23) are within this price category as they offer fairly side on views of the stage, which means there could be some viewing restrictions.

What is the box office number for the Old Vic?

When buying online, you should also check for the padlock in your browser URL bar to ensure the connection is secure. What is the box office number for the Old Vic Theatre? You can directly contact the Old Vic Theatre’s box office by calling 0344 871 7628, with calls being charged at normal geographic rates.