What are the Australian military ranks in order?

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What are the Australian military ranks in order?

Commissioned Officer Ranks

  • Officer Cadet (OCDT) × Officer Cadet (OCDT) Insignia.
  • 2nd Lieutenant (2LT) × 2nd Lieutenant (2LT) Insignia.
  • Lieutenant (LT) × Lieutenant (LT) Insignia.
  • Captain (CAPT) × Captain (CAPT) Insignia.
  • Major (MAJ) × Major (MAJ) Insignia.
  • Lieutenant Colonel (LTCOL) ×
  • Colonel (COL) ×
  • Brigadier (BRIG) ×

What is the Navy equivalent to army ranks?

U.S. Military Ranks

Pay Grade Army and Marine Corps Navy and Coast Guard 1
0-5 Lieutenant Colonel Commander
0-6 Colonel Captain
0-7 Brigadier General Rear Admiral
0-8 Major General Rear Admiral

Is Captain higher than Colonel?

In the United States Army, Marine Corps, Air Force and Space Force, colonel (/ˈkɜːrnəl/) is the most senior field-grade military officer rank, immediately above the rank of lieutenant colonel and just below the rank of brigadier general. It is equivalent to the naval rank of captain in the other uniformed services.

Why is Australian army not royal?

THE REASON for the British Army not having the prefix ‘Royal’ is because only certain regiments and corps are called ‘Royal’. The prefix Royal before the title of a unit is considered an award in much the same way as a battle honour.

What is the most senior rank in the Army?

Addressed as general. The senior level of commissioned officer typically has more than 30 years of experience and service. Commands all operations that fall within their geographical area. The chief of staff of Staff of the Army is a four-star general.

Is Sergeant higher than lieutenant?

Lieutenant: Wearing a single gold or silver bar, a Lieutenant supervises two to three or more sergeants. Some agencies, such as the New Jersey State Police, use a para-militaristic range of sergeant ranks, such as staff sergeant and sergeant first class, in addition to the basic sergeant rank.