What are the Elementors in Max Steel?

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What are the Elementors in Max Steel?

Elementors are Ultralinks and Megalinks that have fused themselves with the elements of nature. The main group of Elementors seen in the series consist of four Ultralinks that each linked with the elements of fire, water, earth and air respectively and the Megalink Metallak who linked with the element of metal.

Who is the strongest ultralink?

He is one of the strongest Ultralink monsters of Makino’s troops due to the large hammers on their hands and their immense strength. One of them appeared in The Ultralink Hunter, which marked their debut….

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Background Information
First Appearance The Ultralink Hunter
Last Appearance TBA
Voiced By None

What is an ultralink Max Steel?

Ultralinks (also known as The Makino) are an alien race of small, sentient bio robotic parasitic aliens created by Makino, constituted by organic technology.

Who is the strongest Elementor?

Trivia. After Metal Elementor, Air is the smartest and most powerful of all five Elementors. It is revealed in Elements of Surprise Part One that Forge Ferrus and Air met before.

Who are the villains in Max Steel?


  • Morphos.
  • Jason Naught.
  • Extroyer.
  • Miles Dread.
  • The Elementors.
  • Terrorax.

What kind of Ultralink is steel?

N’Baro Aksteel X377, better known as Steel, is an bio-organic alien technology known as an Ultralink, classified as Omega Class model, also possessing 328 mechcycles old (18 in Earth years).

What is Max Steel available on?

Watch Max Steel Streaming Online | Hulu (Free Trial)

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What kind of Elementors are in Max Steel?

Elementors also have unique features depending on what element they have linked with. So far, there are five types of Elementors existing in the show. They consist of fire, earth, water, air and metal. The following list is organised by order of appearance. Fire Elementor is an Ultralink who linked with the element of fire.

How is Fire Elementor linked to the element of fire?

Fire Elementor is an Ultralink who linked with the element of fire. Fire is hotheaded and impulsive and is as ferocious as the element he wields. As his name would suggest, Fire Elementor wields the element of fire and can start flames or launch balls of fire at will and can also move around as an abundance of fire.

Who are the villains in Max Steel season 2?

Type of Villain. Metal Elementor formerly known as Metallak, is an Elementor that appears in Season 2 of the Max Steel Reboot (2013 TV Series). He is the most aggressive and powerful Elementor and blindly follows Makino ‘s rules. He is the main leader of the group of the Ultralinks. Metal Elementor’s first appeared in “Full Metal Racket”.

Who is the strongest Elementor in the world?

Metal Elementor is the strongest and smartest of all Elementors. On a mission to serve Makino and subjugate Earth, he is able to change into virtually any metal and liquefy his body to escape attacks or sneak up on an enemy. Aggressive, commanding and strict, he has little patience for the other Elementors, who he sees as bumblers and bunglers.