What are the enemies in Uncharted?

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What are the enemies in Uncharted?


  • Atoq Navarro. One of the main villains in Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune.
  • Clank. Clank was originally built to be a worker drone but an error in the system makes him a small brainy robot.
  • Daniel Pinkerton.
  • Gabriel Roman.
  • Harry Flynn.
  • Jason Dante.
  • Katherine Marlowe.
  • Kratos.

Are there any zombies in Uncharted 2?

There are no zombie-like creatures in Uncharted 2.

How many enemies are in uncharted?

Enemy Health Uncharted 2 drops that number to six. Combined with the more pronounced reactions to hits, enemies are much easier to face in large groups. You can now incapacitate multiple foes at once before delivering the killing blow.

How do you kill the guardians in Uncharted 2?

It is best to not confront Guardians head on, stay behind cover to avoid crossbow volleys, and take advantage of powerful weapons (such as the GAU-19). The most effective weapon to use against the Guardians is their own crossbow, usually killing them with one shot.

How old is Rafe Uncharted 4?

Rafe Adler
Status: Deceased
Born: c. 1970s, United States
Died: 2016 (age 34-39), The Fancy Libertalia Madagascar
Nationality: [2] American

What was in the water in Uncharted 3?

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception. When Nathan Drake drinks the tainted water of Iram, he actually hallucinates Katherine Marlowe’s agents are possessed by the Djinn. Here, the Djinn are engulfed in flames and display supernatural abilities, such as teleportation and shooting fireballs.

Is uncharted a zombie game?

Being a massive uncharted fan, i think that it is a really good and has an epic storyline. The game consists of puzzles, hand to hand combat and shooting. The game mainly revolves around shooting. However there are Nazi Zombies which run on all fours.

Are there zombies in Uncharted 3?

The Djinn are supernatural creatures encountered by Nathan Drake within Iram of the Pillars in Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception. They are demons born of smokeless fire that appear near the end of the game in Nate’s hallucinations.

Do you shoot people in Uncharted?

Don’t be ashamed to use aim assist (or play on easy mode) Uncharted 4 is great at a lot of things, but shooting isn’t one of them. In fact, if you’re really worried about it, just play on easy: the joy of Uncharted is its sense of story and exploration, not its challenge.

What are the Blue Rocks in Uncharted 4?

Cintamani Stone | Uncharted Wiki | Fandom.

Is Rafe Adler dead?

Born into a wealthy American family, Rafe was a selfish treasure hunter who was desperate to make his own fortune in an attempt to be known for something other than his inheritance….

Rafe Adler
Died: 2016 (age 34-39), The Fancy Libertalia Madagascar
Nationality: [2] American
Political information

What are the controls for Uncharted Drake’s fortune?

Nathan Drake Name Controls Effect Move character Move the player character around Move camera Move the camera around Shoulder swap Adjust aiming between left and right sho Look mode (hold) + Enter look mode

Who is the main character in Drake’s fortune?

It also swapped the default and controls with the and buttons, although it included an option for switching them back. Nathan Drake is the main character, who you control for the entirety of the gameplay, be it on foot or in a vehicle.

What happens when you shoot an enemy in Uncharted 2?

When you shoot an enemy in Uncharted 2, they stop. They stagger. They recoil. They grasp their chest. Not only this is a fairly realistic depiction, but it gives players a split second to determine their next move when facing a group of foes. The first Uncharted doesn’t have this.

What are the controls for the Nathan Drake Collection?

Due to the DualShock 3 and 4’s removal of this function these controls were either removed (in case of the balancing) or replaced with normal analog stick controls (in case of the grenades). For the The Nathan Drake Collection, the PlayStation 4’s DualShock replaced the select button with the touchpad, and the start button with the option button.