What are the five generations of a computer?

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What are the five generations of a computer?

What Are The Five Generations of Computer Technology?

  • First Generation (1940-1956)
  • Second Generation (1956-1963)
  • Third Generation (1964-1971)
  • Fourth Generation (1971-2010)
  • Fifth Generation (Present Day)

What are the first to fifth generation of computer?

In accordance with the methodology for assessing the development of computer technology, the first generation was considered to be vacuum tube computers, the second – transistor computers, the third – computers on integrated circuits, the fourth – using microprocessors, and the fifth generation computers is based on …

What are the different generations of computers?

Classification of generations of computers

Generations of computers Generations timeline Evolving hardware
First generation 1940s-1950s Vacuum tube based
Second generation 1950s-1960s Transistor based
Third generation 1960s-1970s Integrated circuit based
Fourth generation 1970s-present Microprocessor based

What are the 3 generation of computer?

The third generation of computer is marked by the use of Integrated Circuits (IC’s) in place of transistors. A single I.C has many transistors, resistors and capacitors along with the associated circuitry. The I.C was invented by Jack Kilby. This development made computers smaller in size, reliable and efficient.

What is an example of Fifth Generation Computer?

Applications examples of 5th generation computers are: Intelligent systems that could control the route of a missile and defense-systems that could fend off attacks; Word processors that could be controlled by means by speech recognition; Programs that could translate documents from one language to another.

What is the fifth generation of computer?

The Fifth generation of computers Is the name of the stage that covers from 1983 to the present, a period where computers are fast and efficient and have a modern software developed. The electronic devices are small, thin and easy to carry, allowing the storage of multimedia information on solid devices and large memory cards.

What are the different generations of computer?

Generations of Computers and Their Characteristics. Generations of Computers can be generalized into mainly five generation : 1. First Generation Computers –1942 to 1954 2. Second Generation of Computers -1955 to 1964 3. Third Generation of Computers- 1965 to 1974 4. Fourth Generation Computers- 1975– till now 5. Fifth Generation of Computers – Still in Process.

What are the advantages of first generation computers?

(1) It was used mostly for scientific applications.

  • (2) Only vacuum tubes were used in these generation computers.
  • (3)These generations computers were simple architecture.
  • (4) Facility for storing information.
  • What are the features of a first generation computer?

    Year Built. Most computer historians consider the first generation of computers to include machines that were built between 1946 and 1959.

  • Electronics. The use of vacuum tubes is a key characteristic of the electronics used in building these first-generation computers.
  • One-of-a-Kind. All first-generation computers were custom-made.
  • Cost.