What are the new discoveries in science?

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What are the new discoveries in science?

New Scientific Discoveries Made in 2020

  • Plastic-eating bacteria.
  • ‘Unlivable’ heat by 2070.
  • Cloud seeding to produce snow.
  • Neowise comet.
  • 3D map of universe.
  • World’s oldest known animal.
  • ‘Zeptosecond’ measured for first time.
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What is the latest discovery in 2021?

Here are a handful of some of the most fascinating new animals that scientists have reported so far in 2021:

  • The Deep-Sea Dumbo The Emperor Dumbo Octopus — Grimpoteuthis imperator.
  • The Nano-Chameleon Brookesia nana.
  • The Bumblebee Hiding in Plain Sight Bombus incognitus.
  • The Bright Orange Bat Myotis nimbaensis.

What was discovered in 2020?

Scientists and researchers around the world pulled off impressive feats in 2020. They unearthed huge caches of ancient bones and sarcophagi, discovered new types of black holes, and found water that could host alien life in new places across the solar system.

Who is the best scientist in 2021?

World Top 100 Scientists 2021

# AD Scientific Index – Scientist Rankings – Top 100 Rankings 2021
Rank University Name
1 1 Ronald C Kessler *
2 1 HJ Kim *
3 2 Joann E Manson *

What’s the latest science news in the world?

The latest science news, photos and videos covering space, the environment, human development and more. “I’ve been waiting a long time to finally getting up there,” Funk said during a post-launch news conference. “I loved it.”

What are the latest scientific discoveries in science?

Scientists have figured out a way to convert plastic waste into vanilla flavoring with genetically engineered bacteria, according to a new study. Scientists used solar wind to make the first 3D map of the heliosphere, which protects Earth from deadly cosmic radiation.

Are there any good things happening in science?

At the 4th International Conference on Quantum Technologies held in Moscow in July, a team of American and Russian researchers announced they’d successfully tested a record-breaking 51-qubit device, taking us closer than ever before to a functioning quantum computer.

What’s the biggest achievement in science in 2020?

(CNN) Science’s biggest achievement in 2020 was undoubtedly the rapid development of effective vaccines against Covid-19 — a massive feat that should be widely celebrated and lauded with prizes in the years to come.