What are the standards for engineering drawings?

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What are the standards for engineering drawings?

One major set of engineering drawing standards is ASME Y14. 5 and Y14. 5M (most recently revised in 2009). These apply widely in the United States, although ISO 8015 (Geometrical product specifications (GPS) — Fundamentals — Concepts, principles and rules) is now also important.

What does the British Standard BS 8888 cover?

BS 8888 ensures that its users have access to one reference source with all the relevant information; enables you to speak the same language when specifying and graphically representing products; provides precision and accuracy, leaving no room for misinterpretation; helps the smooth transfer of the design concept to …

What are the international standards for technical drawing?

ISO 128 is an international standard (ISO), about the general principles of presentation in technical drawings, specifically the graphical representation of objects on technical drawings.

What is BS in technical drawing?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. BS 8888 is the British standard developed by the BSI Group for technical product documentation, geometric product specification, geometric tolerance specification and engineering drawings.

What is the ISO standard?

ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is an independent, non-governmental, international organization that develops standards to ensure the quality, safety, and efficiency of products, services, and systems. ISO standards are in place to ensure consistency.

Which is the national standard for engineering drawings in the UK?

The latest version is a comprehensive update to the UK’s national framework standard for engineering drawings and geometrical tolerancing. BS 8888 defines the requirements for the technical specification of products and their component parts.

How are drawings carried out in the UK?

In the construction industry all drawings are carried out to a British Standard referred to as BS 1192. This ensures that every drawing produced within Ireland and the UK relating to a building project will follow the same standard principles. Dimensions should be shown as follows:

What is the BS 8888 standard for engineering drawings?

BS 8888 defines the requirements for the technical specification of products and their component parts. The standard explains the way in which engineering drawings outline and present these specifications, and covers all of the symbology and information that engineers and designers need to include on their drawings,

What are the requirements for an engineering drawing?

Essentially, any engineering drawing should comply with the requirements of BS 8888. Independent design consultancies or design agencies are also set to benefit from BS 8888.