What area code is 310?

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What area code is 310?

West Los Angeles
California area code 310 extends along the coast from the South Bay and just into Ventura County, covering all of West Los Angeles. This area code is covers a region with more than 2,500,000 people, in over 970,000 households, with a median household income of over $48,000.

What are the area codes in Germany?

Germany/Dialing codes

When did 310 area code start?

November 2, 1991
Area code 310 was created in a split from area code 213 on November 2, 1991. On January 25, 1997, area code 310 was split, creating area code 562 for the southeast portion of Los Angeles County and a small portion of Orange County.

How does a German number look like?

A German phone number has 3 parts: the country code, the area code, and the rest of the phone number. Take this number for example: +49 30 901820. +49 is the country code (Ländervorwahl) for Germany1. If you can’t dial “+49” on your phone, dial “0049” instead.

Are 310 numbers toll-free?

310- numbers are toll-free.

Where can I find the area code 310?

Learn which area is covered under the code 310, along with the service provider that works with this code. You can also find the location of a caller whose number begins with 310. Our service has a very large database, which includes all area codes in the United States.

How to call Germany from the United States?

To call Germany dial: Exit Country Code + 49 + Area Code + The Number * Do not dial the plus (+) symbols

What are the city area codes in Germany?

Germany Dial Codes City Area Code Dialing Code Aachen 241 +49 241 Augsburg 821 +49 821 Bergisch Gladbach 2202 +49 2202 Berlin 30 +49 30

What’s the new national phone code for Germany?

The former codes 0130 for free phone numbers and 0190 for premium-rate numbers are now moved to 0800 and 0900 to meet international standards. 0700 is used for personal national phone numbers.