What breed is Toby in The Great Mouse Detective?

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What breed is Toby in The Great Mouse Detective?

Basset Hound
Toby is a Basset Hound from Disney’s 1986 feature film The Great Mouse Detective. He belongs to Sherlock Holmes, who lives above Basil.

What is the great mouse detectives name?

Basil of Baker Street (or Basil for short) is the dauntless protagonist of Disney’s 1986 film, The Great Mouse Detective.

Is there a sequel to The Great Mouse Detective?

The Great Mouse Detective II: The Rise To Return is an upcoming 2019 animated mystery comedy film suggested by and based on the characters created by Eve Titus and Paul Galdone….

The Great Mouse Detective II: The Rise to Return
Language English
Release date November 26, 2019

Who dies in The Great Mouse Detective?

Trivia. He was voiced by Barrie Ingham, who also voiced Basil of Baker Street in the same movie. Bartholomew and Ratigan are the only characters who die in The Great Mouse Detective.

What is the dog in feast?

A new dog is scratching his way into screen stardom — a Boston terrier called Winston. The rising pup-star will make his debut in the Disney Animation short film Feast, playing in theaters with Big Hero 6 (out Nov. 7). “He’s a star terrier that’s full of energy,” says director Patrick Osborne.

What type of dog is Lady from Lady and the Tramp?

American Cocker Spaniel
, centers on a female American Cocker Spaniel named Lady who lives with a refined, upper-middle-class family, and a male stray mutt named Tramp.

Who is the villain in The Great Mouse Detective?

Ratigan, voiced by Vincent Price, is a scheming and showy villain in ‘The Great Mouse Detective. ‘ (Walt Disney Co.) The basics: The toymaker father of young Olivia is dramatically kidnapped by a peg-legged bat.

What Disney movie has a Mouse Detective?

The Great Mouse Detective
The 26th Disney animated feature film, the film was directed by Burny Mattinson, David Michener, and the team of John Musker and Ron Clements, who later directed The Little Mermaid (1989) and Aladdin (1992)….

The Great Mouse Detective
Produced by Burny Mattinson

What is The Great Mouse Detective based on?

Basil of Baker Street
Based on the book Basil of Baker Street by Eve Titus, The Great Mouse Detective leads audiences on a wild chase through Victorian London as sharp-witted Basil—accompanied by his loyal sidekick, Dr. David Q.

Who is the main protagonist in The Great Mouse Detective?

Basil of
Barrie Ingham as Basil of Baker Street, a detective, based on the sleuth Sherlock Holmes and the primary protagonist of the film.

Who made The Great Mouse Detective?

Burny Mattinson
Eric Larson, The Ninth Old Man The last of Walt Disney’s legendary Nine Old Men to retire, Eric Larson was profoundly involved in the training of many of the animators who created The Great Mouse Detective, including producer and co-director Burny Mattinson, who spent 12 years as an assistant to this Disney Legend.

What is the theme of Feast?

The theme/central idea of the short film, Feast, is loyalty and friendship. The creators of the the film wanted to show us the simplest form of loyalty and friendship. They showed the audience that friendship isn’t limited to humans, it can be extended to animals too.