What can I do with mi goreng noodles?

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What can I do with mi goreng noodles?

Pimp My Mi Goreng | 13 Ways To Improve Everyone’s Fave Packet Noodles

  1. #1 Fried egg. Duh, right?
  2. #2 Kewpie Mayo. What madness is this?
  3. #3 Peanut Butter. This one comes from Reddit user PsychoPhilosopher, so we can’t take full credit.
  4. #4 Sesame Oil.
  5. #5 Tahini Paste.
  6. #6 Canned Tuna.
  7. #7 Sriracha.
  8. #8 Peas.

What can I add to mee goreng?

Add the sautéed shiitake, garlic, ginger, chicken thigh and packet sauces from the Mi Goreng to the noodles. Add the sliced scallions and toss everything together well. In a separate non-stick fry pan, shallow fry the egg over high heat, allowing the white to get golden and crispy while keeping the yolk runny.

Can you fry mi goreng noodles?

It’s essentially a (very) budget satay sauce. He/she advises to cook the noodles in boiling water as per normal, then in a pan, heat the various Mee Gee accouterment, plus one heaped tablespoon of peanut butter. Add the noodles and stir-fry.

Is Mee Goreng unhealthy?

This is a very high-calorie dish that may be difficult to fit into your diet if you are trying to lose weight. Since the main ingredient of Indomie Mi Goreng is the instant noodle, this food is mainly made up of carbohydrates which can be detrimental if you eat too much.

How do you spice up mi goreng noodles?

Cook noodles (mi goreng) add to veggies, add seasoning mix. Stir fry until everything is coated. Top with sriracha and fried shallots.” – Andie, Adelaide. “Fried tofu and veggies with some extra sesame oil, sesame seeds, sriracha and sweet soy.” – Rach, Brisbane.

Can you eat mi goreng raw?

But here’re the facts: yes, while it tastes relatively weird, it’s perfectly fine to eat it uncooked. The reason is that instant noodles are essentially already cooked before packaging: you’re therefore just having it in a different way when you down it without boiling it.

What does Mee Goreng taste like?

Despite being influenced by Chinese cuisine, mie goreng in Indonesia have a definite Indonesian taste, it has been more heavily integrated into Indonesian cuisine; for example the application of popular sweet soy sauce that add mild sweetness, sprinkle of fried shallots, addition of spicy sambal and the absence of pork …

What is the best Indomie flavor?

Onion Chicken Flavor
The Onion Chicken Flavor is the best variety of Indomie Instant Noodles and for many reasons; It smells great, tastes better and forms an even more flavourful base for any variety of noodle experiments you can think of. The flavour is always impact.

What’s the best way to fry an egg?

In a small nonstick over medium heat, melt butter (or heat oil). Crack egg into pan. Cook 3 minutes, or until white is set. Flip and cook 2 to 3 minutes more, until yolk is completely set.

How often can I eat instant noodles?

So, consider limiting intake of instant noodles to one to two times a week, Miss Seow suggests. Her advice is to read the food label, and choose a product with lower sodium, saturated and total fat content. Or, watch your calorie intake by choosing a smaller portion.

Are ramen noodles bad for you without the packet?

Instant Ramen Noodles are still bad for you without the packet as the noodles themselves carry lots of sodium and are deep-fried in order to preserve its shape before cooking. Ramen Noodles are not the best to eat even without the packets, but this doesn’t mean you have to give these noodles up entirely.

How do you make Indomie taste better?

Stir fry your onions till they’re golden brown, add the peppers and fry some more! Add the indomie spices, some Italian herbs and spices and salt to taste….1. The Pepper Indomie

  1. One bowl chopped peppers (mixed)
  2. Small onion – chopped.
  3. Italian herbs.
  4. Spices (to taste)
  5. Salt (to taste)
  6. 2 packs boiled indomie.
  7. Indomie spices.