What counts as continuous learning points?

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What counts as continuous learning points?

Individual goals that support continuous learning may include the following:

  • Learning about new acquisition, technology and initiatives.
  • Staying current on changes in a career field.
  • Completing training for higher certification levels.
  • Learning something about, or becoming certified, in other career fields.

How many continuous learning points CLPs are contracting professionals generally required to earn every two years to maintain their certification?

40 continuous learning points
To maintain FAC-COR certification, Contracting Officer Representatives are required to earn 40 continuous learning points (CLPs) of skills currency training every two years, and demonstrate experience performing as a COR or conducting COR-related activities.

How many continuous learning points are mandatory for an acquisition professional within a two year period?

The policy establishes the following standard: It is each AT&LWF member’s responsibility to achieve the annual goal of 40 Continuous Learning Points (CLPs) to meet the mandatory requirement of 80 CLPs within the two-year CL cycle.

How many CLPs is CLC 106?

40 Continuous Learning Points
DAU On Line Training Courses: To complete the requirements for 40 hours of COR certification training you must complete a combination of the courses below to equal 40 or more hours. Note: CLC 106 “COR With a Mission” is a requirement and must be completed as part of the 40 Continuous Learning Points (CLPs).

How do you get continuous learning points?

Continuous Learning Points (CLPs) may be awarded for completion of acquisition academic courses, training courses, professional activities, or professional experience.

What is ACQ now?

The ACQ NOW Help Desk provides assistance with ILT/VILT registration, certification, and travel-related requests for the Air Force Acquisition Training Office.

Is learning continuous?

What is Continuous Learning? Continuous learning is a concept in professional development where your employees are given the opportunity to learn simultaneously while they work. It is ensuring that your team develops the habit of acquiring skills, knowledge, and abilities to help them become better at their jobs.

How do I get Dawia certified?

Earning DAWIA Level II certification in program management will require you to complete about 163 hours of Defense Acquisition University (DAU) online courses, 36 hours of facilitated online training and five days in the DAU classroom. The online courses must be completed within a 60-day window.

What are the Dawia career fields?

Facilities Engineering. Industrial/Contract Property Management. Information Technology. Life Cycle Logistics.