What diameter are crossbow bolts?

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What diameter are crossbow bolts?

The most common choices in arrows range from . 328 (21/64) to . 344 (22/64) and I have tried . 359 (23/64) with no problems encountered.

Are crossbow bolts illegal?

ACT/New South Wales Crossbows are deemed to be prohibited in both the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) and New South Wales regions.

How heavy should my crossbow bolts be?

weigh-in between 350 to 399 grains, standard weight crossbow bolts range from 400 to 459 grains, and heavyweight crossbow bolts weigh-in at a hefty 460 grains and above. These bolt weights include the weight of a standard 100-grain field point in addition to the weight of the finished bolt itself.

Are all crossbow bolts the same size?

Most crossbow arrows are 16″ to 22″ in length, with the average being 20 inches. All crossbows come with a recommendation from the manufacturer regarding the length of the arrows you should use; when purchasing new arrows, you should make sure that they are the same length as recommended.

Can I use different bolts in my crossbow?

One of the most important elements in making your choice in crossbows accurate, effective and above all, safe, is selecting the right crossbow bolt for you. The terms ‘bolts’ and ‘arrows’ often get confused with one another, but they are not interchangeable.

Does crossbow bolt length matter?

Bolt Length It is possible to get away with a longer bolt than recommended, but anything shorter than what is recommended could cause the broadhead or field point to get caught on the crossbow rail when fired.

How long do crossbow bolts last?

Regular maintenance plays a major roll in the overall performance, accuracy, effectiveness and life of a crossbow. The owner’s manual that comes with every crossbow will be the best guide here, but under normal use cables and strings should be replaced every three years or so — sooner if needed.

Which is the best crossbow bolt to shoot?

These, in my opinion, are the best bolts to shoot from 50-80# pistol crossbows. They fly fast, straight, have a good shot group, and are inexpensive. Superior to the aluminum kind with the plastic fins. 5.0 out of 5 stars Best bolt for pistol crossbow. These, in my opinion, are the best bolts to shoot from 50-80# pistol crossbows.

What’s the best color for a mini crossbow?

The bright yellow allows you to find it quickly, deep black keeps it from wearing out easily, contrasting colors will give you more options. They are sharp and can easily stick into tree limbs.

What are the pros and cons of crossbows?

Cheap, but they don’t cost much. Pros: These are fairly inexpensive. This may be a great way to have a bunch of cheap ammo around for times when you’re almost certain to lose them (e.g. huntin’ varmints in the back 40, etc.). The quality consistency is low, so they’re not terribly accurate.