What did Massimo Vignelli do for a living?

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What did Massimo Vignelli do for a living?

“We like design to be visually powerful, intellectually elegant, and above all, timeless”. The leading exponent of modernist graphic design, the man who brought Italian design to the United States, but also the designer who, together with his wife Lella, designed pieces of furniture, products and installations that changed design culture forever.

When did Massimo Vignelli and Elena Valle get married?

In 1957 Vignelli married Elena Valle, who from than on became known as Lella Vignelli (1934-2016). Lella came from an important family of architects—his brother was renowned architect Gino Valle (1923-2003)—she was an architect too and a fundamental professional partner to Massimo during his entire career.

Where did Massimo Vignelli design the fungo lamp?

While he was based in Venice, he designed a series of lighting fixtures for his friend Paolo Venini—founder of the eponymous blown glass manufacturing company—inclusing the iconic Fungo lamp (1955).

When did Massimo Vignelli leave Unimark International?

In 1965, together with Ralph Eckerstrom, Bob Noorda, James Fogelman, Wally Gutches, and Larry Klein, Vignelli founded Unimark International, an international agency with eleven offices in five countries. However, he left it in 1971, because he felt that the agency was following too closely marketing’s diktats.

Where does Massimo Zanetti get their coffee from?

Our coffees are sourced from strategic alliances with coffee farms located in Costa Rica, Brazil and our own farm in Kauai, Hawaii. This guarantees a continuous flow of quality coffee from the plant to the cup.

What did Massimo Vignelli design for Knoll furniture?

Additionally, Vignelli Associates contributed two furniture designs to the Knoll portfolio: the Handkerchief chair (designed together with David Law) and the Paperclip table. Knoll au Louvre poster design (4 panels) featuring Massimo Vignelli’s signature Knoll logo, 1972.

Where did Massimo Vignelli get an honorary doctorate?

Massimo Vignelli with R. Roger Remington at the Vignelli Center for Design Studies, RIT, where he was awarded an honorary doctorate in fine arts.