What dimensions is a Erde 102 trailer?

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What dimensions is a Erde 102 trailer?

Erde 102 trailer 1.06m long by 0.85m wide is a small light weight trailer ideal for camping and light household chores.

What size is a Erde 122 Trailer?

Erde 122 trailer 1.20m long by 0.92m wide is a small light weight trailer ideal for camping and light household chores.

What size is an Erde 142 Trailer?

5ft x 3ft
The Erde 142 trailer is the Cheapest Trailer out of 3 in the Erde range that is classed as a 5ft x 3ft camping / leisure trailer.

What weight can a Erde 102 carry?

Erde 102 trailer specification

External Dimensions
Gross Trailer Weight 300kg 661lb
Unladen Weight 55kg 121lb
Carrying Capacity 245kg 540lbs
Other Details

What is the maximum load capacity for the Erde 122 car trailer?

The Erde 122 Car Trailer is great value multi purpose trailer which can carry up to 337kg.

What is the difference between Erde and Daxara?

Yeah, Erde and Daxara are the same company. The models are identical… e.g. The Erde 122 is the equivalent of the Daxara 127…..the Erde 142 = Daxara 147 etc.

Do Erde trailers have suspension?

Erde make a range of shock absorbers to fit their range of trailers (excluding the 102 model). Shock absorbers are designed to dampen the movement of the suspension arm. The trailers load is bounced around less when loaded near to its capacity.

Where are Erde trailers made?

Erde trailers are manufactured in France and have TUV approval, making them legal to tow on the continent. Erde trailers are probably the most readily available small trailers in the UK, meaning you are never far away from replacement parts or accessories.

How do you store an outdoor trailer for the winter?

9 Tips for Winter RV Storage

  1. Drain the Water System. This might be the most critical step for winterizing your RV, Dack says.
  2. Prep the Exterior.
  3. Choose a Safe Location.
  4. Cover Up Your RV.
  5. Protect the Tires.
  6. Save Your Batteries.
  7. Add Fuel Stabilizer.
  8. Make It Critter-Resistant.

Is it OK to leave camper outside in winter?

If your RV will be outside all winter, Dack recommends investing in a cover made especially for an RV. The cover will protect against extended exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays that can damage the paint finish. It will also protect your vehicle from wind damage, tree sap and bird droppings.

What kind of steel is the Erde 102 made out of?

Constructed from robust galvanised steel, the base of the ERDÉ 102 Trailer has full strength straightening ribs, with metal mudguards to ensure the trailer is suitable for longer journeys and regular use.

What are the dimensions of an Erde 102 trailer?

Erde 102 trailer specification External Dimensions External Dimensions External Dimensions Overall Length 1.74m 5’8” Overall Width 1.25m 4’1” Overall Height 0.82m 2’7″ Internal Dimensions Internal Dimensions Internal Dimensions

Which is the smallest Erde trailer to buy?

The Erde 102 trailer is the smallest Erde trailer available. It is a small, light weight trailer that is an ideal first trailer. It is great for moving light goods, as well as gardening or building waste to save your car from getting dirty. This trailer is often used for camping and can be extended with a 30cm high cover. However

How big does a Erde tipping trailer need to be?

For a smaller, lightweight trailer, the ERDÉ 102 Trailer is suitable for carrying loads of up to 245kg. The ERDÉ 102 Tipping Trailer has a drop-down rear tailgate, which makes loading quick and easy, as well as the ability to quick release the tipping facility, which is handy if you’re getting rid of garden waste or loading a heavy object.