What do flowers mean in Germany?

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What do flowers mean in Germany?

In Germany, even flowers follow rules: Flowers are always given in odd numbers – but never 13. Red roses symbolize romantic intentions, carnations on the other hand symbolize mourning, and lilies and chrysanthemums are usually used in floral arrangements for funerals.

Which flower should you never give to anyone in Germany?

Whilst in many countries white flowers are sent to signify love, such as a white rose or lily, you should not send these to Germany.

What’s the meaning of the word’flower’?

If you’ve never been thrilled to the very edges of your soul by a flower in spring bloom, maybe your soul has never been in bloom. ~Audra Foveo Be it the vivid colors or the sweet fragrances, every single flower is special in its own way. And when it comes to expression of feelings, there are no ideal alternatives, other than the beautiful flowers.

Why do people send flowers to other people?

Each of the flower is assigned with a specific meaning that helps in revealing the real motive behind sending it to another person. From birthday parties to weddings, anniversaries, illnesses, and funerals, flowers are a part of all special and important occasions. In fact, an event is incomplete without presenting and decorating with flowers.

Are there different types of flowers with different meanings?

The association of flowers and different types of meanings is a tradition that dates back centuries. In fact, nearly every sentiment imaginable to mankind can be expressed with flowers. Not only is the flower type associated with a certain meaning but the color of the flower carries a different meaning in some of the flowers.

What’s the meaning of the flower forget me not?

Forget Me Not flowers mean exactly that. They represent good memories and true love. The Freesia means innocence and friendship. They are also known to be the 7th wedding anniversary flower. Gardenias stand for purity and sweetness and they can indicate a secret love or crush.