What do the arch mage robes do?

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What do the arch mage robes do?

The Archmage’s Robes are a set of hooded robes that are awarded to you after completing The Eye of Magnus. They provide boosts to all magic based skills except Enchanting, plus bonuses to magicka and magicka regeneration.

Can you wear a helmet with arch mage robes?

The hood is fixed to the robes and cannot be removed, thus only circlets and masks can be worn on the head while wearing these robes.

What are the best mage robes?

Mage Robes can be found all over Skyrim and have many different perks and styles for you to choose from.

  1. 1 Archmage’s Robes.
  2. 2 Miraak’s Robes.
  3. 3 Master Robes.
  4. 4 Taron Dreth’s Robes.
  5. 5 Shrouded Robes.
  6. 6 Mythic Dawn Robes.
  7. 7 Cultist Robes.
  8. 8 Thalmor Robes. Thalmor robes can be seen worn by obnoxious Thalmor agents.

Can you disenchant arch mage robes?

You can’t disenchant the archmage’s robes, period.

How do I get arch mage robes?

The Archmage’s Robes are given to you once you become the Archmage at the end of the College of Winterhold questline, ending with The Eye of Magnus.

Can I disenchant arch-mage robes?

How do you get arch-mage robes in Skyrim?

Is Miraak’s armor good?

Miraak’s complete armor set is close to the best armor set and gear available for a mage. Battlemages also do really well with this mage gear. The reason Miraak’s armor set is so good is that the enchantment on the clothes gives the wearer a chance to absorb spells, which is incredibly powerful against spell casters.

Why can’t I disenchant arch mage robes?

1 Answer. Disenchanting is not tied to the enchanting skill. You can’t disenchant the archmage’s robes, period. EDIT: Of course, with the right mods (available via skyrim.nexusmods.com or the steam workshop), or just the right console commands, you can do pretty much anything.