What do you get if you lose to Setzer in kh2?

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What do you get if you lose to Setzer in kh2?

If Roxas loses, Setzer gives him a medal as “thanks”. When Sora is in the real Twilight Town later in the game, Setzer is the second opponent to be fought, accessible after defeating Hayner ten times. Ten victories over Setzer earns the player the right to challenge Seifer.

How do you battle Setzer?

To fight Setzer as Sora, the player will need to defeat Hayner ten times in a Struggle. This fight is exceptionally easy if you have the Trinity Limit ability. He always starts the battle with a bow, leaving him open.

What was Setzer going to say to Roxas?

Kingdom Hearts IIEdit Setzer asks Roxas, calling him “rucksack”, to throw the match for him, hinting that this is how Setzer became a champion, but Roxas refuses. If Roxas wins the Struggle, Setzer leaves the arena quietly, then joins in cheering Roxas as the new champion.

How old is Seifer KH?

Seifer is an 18-year-old orphan who was born during the Sorceress War and sent to Edea’s orphanage. From a young age, he bullied the other orphans, especially Zell.

Why did Kairi forget Sora?

Sora didn’t remember every single thing about Kairi, just the fact that she existed. And in KH2 Kairi knew that he existed when the others didn’t. The reason Kairi and the others forgot is because Namine made them forget… She didn’t make them forget, she made Sora forget, causing them to forget.

Who is Hayner Kingdom Hearts?

Hayner is a character that first appears in Kingdom Hearts II. A resident of Twilight Town, Hayner is a friend of Pence and Olette and is also the rival of Seifer. The Hayner from the Simulated Twilight Town is also best friends with Roxas.

Can Sora fight Seifer?

No, he can also fight Setzer and Seifer. You have to beat Hayner 10 times before getting the chance to fight Setzer.

How many times do I have to beat Hayner in kh2?

ten times
Hayner is the first contender fought in the Struggle mini-game in Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. Roxas fights Hayner on the 4th Day in the Struggle tournament, while Sora’s fight with Hayner is his first Struggle battle. You must beat him ten times to be able to fight Setzer.

How did Auron end up in the underworld?

Before his death, Auron spent his life as a guardian, and tried to prevent his ward from sacrificing his life. When he died, however, he was taken by Hades and imprisoned in the deepest parts of the Underworld.

Does Seifer use gunblade?

Hyperion in Final Fantasy VIII. Hyperion (ハイペリオン, Haiperion?) is a recurring weapon in the series. Originally appearing as Seifer Almasy’s trademark gunblade, it is similar to Squall Leonhart’s Revolver, and generally appears whenever the character himself appears.

Where was Kairi in KH2?

the underground water tunnel
Sora finds Kairi in the underground water tunnel after talking with Leon.

What does struggle mean in Kingdom Hearts 2?

Struggle is a common sport played in Twilight Town. Whilst it appears to be a simple fighting competition, there are three different weapons, called ” Struggle Bats “. In Kingdom Hearts II, Struggle takes a large role in Roxas’s storyline, where his first battle with Seifer consists of choosing one of three different bats as stated above.

Who is the champion of the struggle in Kingdom Hearts?

Setzer is the champion of the Struggle competition when the player is playing as Roxas in the Simulated Twilight Town. After Roxas defeats Hayner and Vivi, he duels Setzer. Setzer asks Roxas, calling him “rucksack”, to throw the match for him, hinting that this is how Setzer became a champion, but Roxas refuses.

What does Setzer do in Kingdom Hearts 2?

Time to ante up. Setzer is a character that appears in Kingdom Hearts II. He is originally from Final Fantasy VI. A top Struggle fighter, he is a flashy and arrogant ladies’ man as well and enjoys taunting his opponents.

How to beat Setzer in the struggle tournament?

You have to beat Hayner 10 times in the Struggle, then beat Setzer 10 times, then you have Seifer to beat. To speed up the process of getting to Seifer, try learning the moves of the enemy then you will have a better chance to dodge.