What do you give a camp counselor?

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What do you give a camp counselor?

Our Top 12 Camp Counselor Gift Ideas

  • Friendship Bracelet Kit. If you give your future Camp Counselor a friendship bracelet kit, they will be guaranteed to be the coolest person at camp.
  • Polaroid Camera.
  • Water Bottle.
  • A Taste of Home.
  • Summer Camp Film.
  • American Power Adaptor.
  • White Tees.
  • Waterproof Watch.

How much do you tip a summer nanny?

As a general rule, most parents who tip will typically add on between 15% to 20% of the total amount they owe the babysitter. Or some may choose to tip a flat amount, such as an extra hour’s worth of pay.

Do you give camp counselors gifts?

Camp counselors: Check with the camp administration because most camp counselors are not permitted to accept tips, but a small gift from your child or your family would probably be appropriate.

How much do you tip camp counselors?

A handful of parents I spoke to said their day camps provided them with recommended tip amounts. The suggestions were roughly $40 to $60 tips for counselors, $25 for bus or van drivers, $20 to $40 for bus counselors, and $20 for various instructors.

How much does a camp counselor make?

How Much Do Summer Camp Counselor Jobs Pay per Hour?

Annual Salary Hourly Wage
Top Earners $29,500 $14
75th Percentile $25,500 $12
Average $21,687 $10
25th Percentile $17,500 $8

Are you supposed to tip babysitters?

While there isn’t a universal tipping standard for sitters, there are some notable trends amongst those who employ babysitters. Of those who do tip, an extra $10 – $20 is the most common practice, though rounding up to the nearest $5 also happens fairly often.

How much do you tip a sleep away camp counselor?

How do you prepare to be a camp counselor?

Before you pack your bag, you should know these ten things.

  1. No Summer Camp Counselor Gets Enough Sleep.
  2. Write Ice Breakers for Campers.
  3. Break Up Camper Cliques.
  4. Check the Weather Forecast Constantly.
  5. Memorize Your Campers’ Names.
  6. Remember the Plan.
  7. Enforce Discipline And Keep Your Campers Safe and Healthy.

How can I make my summer camp better?

10 Summer Camp Tips For The Best Camp Experience

  1. Don’t be afraid to try new activities.
  2. Ask what you need to bring in advance.
  3. Read about the activities in advance.
  4. Have all your things ready and packed days before.
  5. Don’t be shy or afraid to talk to people.
  6. Be nice, respectful and helpful to the camp counselor.

What to write in a camp counselor thank you note?

Thank you again for the great summer camp you and your devoted and wonderful staff ran.It has been an amazing experience and we are still hearing about it. Thank you so much!