What does an Mfsu do?

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What does an Mfsu do?

The Multi-Functional Storage Unit, or MFSU, is a Tier 4 energy storage unit that stores EU (IndustrialCraft 2). The MFSU is capable of storing 40,000,000 EU and outputs 2048 EU/t from the dotted side.

How do you power a macerator?

A macerator containing 16 overclockers requires 8 HV Solar Arrays to fully power. A macerator can also be powered by placing Redstone Dust in its bottom slot. This will power the macerator with up to 13 overclocker upgrades.

How do I take power out of Mfsu?

In order to dismantle a MFSU, the player should right-click the orange dot with a Wrench. Dismantling a MFSU will result in all of the EU being lost. It is cautioned that outputting Extreme Voltage (>512 EU/p) into the MFSU will cause the MFSU to blow up.

How do I use Mfsu upgrade kit?

An MFSU Upgrade Kit allows you to upgrade an MFE to an MFSU, whilst keeping the energy stored inside. To use, simply right-click the MFE while holding the MFSU upgrade kit.

How do you maintain a macerator?

The macerator does not require any special maintenance; however, to ensure many years of good service, we recommend that you clean and descale your macerator regularly. Saniflo descaler is designed to remove scale while preserving the internal workings of your device.

Can you power a macerator with a Redstone engine?

Pipes. Redstone engines can be used for powering Wooden Pipes, to transfer items from chests (including those from the Iron Chests mod) and machinery e.g. a pump or a macerator .

How do you pick up a rotary macerator?

There are several ways of removing and recovering a Rotary Macerator with varying degrees of success. By Pickaxe – Destroys Macerator, returns a Machine Block 100% of the time. By Bronze Wrench or Electric Wrench in normal mode – Recovers Rotary Macerator 80% of the time, returns a Machine Block 20% of the time.