What does Ashtaroth mean in Hebrew?

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What does Ashtaroth mean in Hebrew?

Astarte, also spelled Athtart or Ashtart, great goddess of the ancient Middle East and chief deity of Tyre, Sidon, and Elat, important Mediterranean seaports. Ashtaroth, the plural form of the goddess’s name in Hebrew, became a general term denoting goddesses and paganism.

What does the name Ashtaroth mean?

Astaroth (also Ashtaroth, Astarot and Asteroth), in demonology, is the Great Duke of Hell in the first hierarchy with Beelzebub and Lucifer; he is part of the evil trinity. He is a male figure most likely named after the Near Eastern goddess Astarte.

What is ashtoreth worship?

Ashtoreth is the preeminent goddess in the Bible, and the plural Ashtaroth is a generic term for goddesses, used together with *Baal(im) as a collective term for illicit worship (e.g., Judg.

Who is the demon of vanity?

Cryto, also called the Demon of Vanity, is a powerful demon who grants youth, beauty, and health in return for one’s soul.

Where is Ashtaroth found in the Bible?

Ashteroth Karnaim was mentioned under this name in the Book of Genesis (Genesis 14:5), and in the Book of Joshua (Joshua 12:4) where it is rendered simply as “Ashtaroth”. Karnaim is also mentioned by the prophet Amos (Book of Amos 6:13) where those in Israel are boasting to have taken it by their own strength.

Who is baalim and Ashtaroth?

Baalim and Ashtaroth are given as the collective names of the male and female demons (respectively) who came from between the “bordering flood of old Euphrates” and “the Brook that parts Egypt from Syrian ground”.

Where is ashtaroth?

Ashteroth Karnaim (Hebrew: עַשְׁתְּרֹת קַרְנַיִם‎‎ ʿAštərōṯ Qarnayīm), also rendered as Ashtaroth Karnaim, was a city in the land of Bashan east of the Jordan River.

Who is baalim and ashtaroth?

What does chemosh mean in the Bible?

Chemosh was the national deity of the Moabites whose name most likely meant “destroyer,” “subduer,” or “fish god.” While he is most readily associated with the Moabites, according to Judges 11:24 he seems to have been the national deity of the Ammonites as well.

What does Asherah mean in the Bible?

Asherah is a Hebrew word for what was either a goddess or a cultic object or perhaps both. On the other hand, some passages in the Bible clearly reference Asherah as being a goddess.

Who is the king of rot?

Astaroth (アスタロト Asutaroto), also known as The King of Rot (腐の王 Kusa no Ō), is one of the Eight Demon Kings.

What is the plural form of Ashtaroth in the Bible?

Click here to get started today! (assh’ tuhrahth) is the plural form of Ashtoreth, a Canaanite goddess of fertility, love, and war and the daughter of the god El and the goddess Asherah. 1. The Old Testament uses the plural form, Ashtaroth, more than the singular form, Ashtoreth.

What is the meaning of the name Ashtoreth?

Ashtoreth (that’s singular; Ashtaroth is plural) is the Hebrew name of a female fertility goddess, which was worshipped from Egypt to Mesopotamia, and by various and often related names. Sometimes these names were phonetic adaptations of originals, grafted on existing verbal stems, which already meant something.

What does the Bible say about Ashtoreth the Ishtar?

These names often occur in the plural (Ashtaroth, Baalim), probably as indicating either different statues or different modifications of the deities. This deity is spoken of as Ashtoreth of the Zidonians. She was the Ishtar of the Accadians and the Astarte of the Greeks ( Jeremiah 44:17 ; 1 Kings 11:5 1 Kings 11:33 ; 2 Kings 23:13 ).

Where was the seat of worship of Ishtar?

The chief seat of the worship of Ishtar in Babylonia was Erech, where prostitution was practiced in her name, and she was served with immoral rites by bands of men and women.