What does CV mean in text message?

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What does CV mean in text message?

Curriculum Vitae

What does CV mean in French slang?

C. This may just look like a simple, innocent letter, but in French internet slang it takes on many forms. “C” can mean ça, c’est or ce. Example: C la vi = C’est la vie (That’s life), Cv = ça va (How’s it going?).

What does BB mean in French?

[ˌbiːˈbiː] noun abbreviation. (Britain) (= Boys’ Brigade) mouvement de garçons. You may also like.

What does Bobo mean in French?

bourgeois and bohemian

What does TFQ mean in French?

tu fais quoi

What does SMS mean in French?

(= short message system) SMS m.

What is texting in French?

Text messages in France are informally and commonly referred to as either un texto or un sms. sms : text message. This word actually comes from the English acronym “Short Message System”. Some Anglphone countries use “sms” as a way to say “text message”, as well.

What does TFW mean?

that feel when

How is TFW a word?

Definitions for TFW in dictionary: Slang acronym for “that feeling when”.

Can you unlock a TFW phone?

It met the requirements to be unlocked, but because it is an old phone, it can’t be unlocked. To get the cash refund, you have to send the phone to Tracfone, and you lose any remaining airtime on the device. We also tested an LG Ultimate 2, which is an Android smartphone.

What does TFW mean on snap?

That Feeling When