What does Deferred mean in exam results?

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What does Deferred mean in exam results?

A deferral is where your request to repeat an assessment attempt (RRAA) has been accepted and you have the opportunity to take the assessment task that was affected by the circumstances as if for the first time, i.e. your mark will not be capped. A deferral is only given when you have failed the module.

Can you defer an exam after taking it?

You may request to defer any assessment appropriate to your individual circumstance and must state on the deferral form each component of assessment you are seeking to defer.

Is a deferred exam harder?

No. They are typically at the same level from what I hear. Some professors have been known to use the same question load-out rearranged (frowned upon). You can expect the most difficult questions from the regular exam to reappear in your deferred version.

What happens if you defer?

What is deferred entry? Deferring simply means delaying. A deferred entry means applying for a course and then taking a year out before starting it. This might be pre-planned, for example if you want to go on a gap year, or you might change your mind during the application.

What does deferring a module mean?

a) Deferral means ceasing to study a module with the aim of returning to complete your studies later. It can only take place after you have registered for the module, and before the final deferral date which is the last working day before you sit the examination or submit the end-of-module assessment.

How do I defer UCT?

Defer your application This way, if you decide to take a gap year all you need to do is request that your application be deferred, but you are already in the system for the following year. Please note that any offers already made to you in the current year – for study, scholarship or residence – cannot be deferred.

How do I get my exams deferred?

If you are unable to attend a final exam due to a serious illness, misadventure or other exceptional circumstance beyond your control you can apply for a deferred exam. A Deferred Exam Application must be lodged online no later than 5.00pm on the second working day after your scheduled exam.

Are deferred exams the same UQ?

Deferred mid-semester examinations are usually in the same format as the original mid-semester examination (e.g. if you defer a multiple-choice exam, your deferred exam will be a multiple-choice exam). However, in some circumstances a deferred mid-semester exam may take the form of an oral examination.

Are supplementary exams harder?

Is supplementary exam difficult? The assessments are, in general, a bit harder because you are being given a second chance. Additionally, since the tests are done in isolation, it means that the student does not have tension for other subjects. To be fair to other students, the assessment is set to be tougher.

How do I defer a Western exam?

The week before the scheduled exam and until three days following the exam, you can defer it by: Logging into My CPA Portal and selecting “Exam Deferral”. Following the prompts and paying the deferral fee. Registering for the next exam offering.