What does doused mean?

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What does doused mean?

1 : to plunge into water Blanch the green beans then douse them in a bath of ice water. 2a : to throw a liquid on : drench The books were doused in gasoline and set ablaze. doused herself in perfume. b : slosh.

What means drenching?

to wet thoroughly
transitive verb. 1 : to wet thoroughly (as by soaking or immersing in liquid) 2 : to soak or cover thoroughly with liquid that falls or is precipitated. 3 : to fill or cover completely as if by soaking or precipitation was drenched in furs and diamonds— Richard Brautigan.

What does the word repel?

1a : to drive back : repulse. b : to fight against : resist. 2 : turn away, reject repelled the insinuation. 3a : to drive away : discourage foul words and frowns must not repel a lover— William Shakespeare.

What is the correct meaning of saturate?

1 : to satisfy fully : satiate. 2 : to treat, furnish, or charge with something to the point where no more can be absorbed, dissolved, or retained water saturated with salt. 3a : to fill completely with something that permeates or pervades book is saturated with Hollywood— Newgate Callendar.

What is douse in texting?

To douse is defined as to drench someone or something with liquid, or to quickly put out a fire. An example of douse is when you pour a bucket of water over someone’s head, soaking him with water. verb. 4. To plunge or thrust suddenly into liquid.

What ugliness means?

1 : the quality or state of being ugly. 2 : something that is ugly.

What is drenching for?

Cattle drenching is the process of administrating chemicals solutions (anthelmintics) to cattle or Bos taurus with the purpose of protecting livestock from various parasites including worms, fluke, cattle ticks, lice and flies. Drenching is a common method for controlling parasites in the meat and dairy industries.

What is a example of repel?

To repel is defined as to hold off, refuse to accept or reject. An example of to repel is the way citronella keeps mosquitoes away. An example of to repel is how sunlight drives away vampires.

What does saturated mean in Colour?

In color theory, saturation defines a range from pure color (100%) to gray (0%). Saturation is sometimes referred to as color intensity, a fully saturated color is one of pure color while a fully desaturated color appears as grey.

Which is the best definition of the word douse?

See synonyms for douse on Thesaurus.com verb (used with object), doused, dous·ing. to plunge into water or the like; drench: She doused the clothes in soapy water. to splash or throw water or other liquid on: The children doused each other with the hose.

What does it mean to douse the lights?

Douse the lights (= turn off the lights). In 1934 the fires were doused and water started flowing once again. He purchased fuel, doused himself with it, and lit a lethal flame outside the gates of the governorate building.

What’s the difference between tr.v.and Dous?

tr.v. doused, dous·ing, dous·es also dowsed or dows·ing or dows·es. 1. To wet thoroughly; drench. 2. To put out (a light or fire); extinguish: doused the campfire with a bucket of water.