What does ENC unrestricted mean?

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What does ENC unrestricted mean?

An “ENC-Restricted” item cannot be exported to government end users in many countries. ENC-Unrestricted: An “ENC-Unrestricted” item can be exported to government and non- government end-users that are: (1) not listed on any prohibited government list; and (2) not in a sanctioned/embargoed country.

What does ECCN 5D002 mean?

5D002 — software. 5E002 — technology for the development, production, or use of equipment or software controlled by 5A002 or 5D002, including information that takes the form of technical assistance.

Does ECCN 5A992 C require a license?

Although a 5A992. c and 5D992. c item does not require a license exception to go to most places (because it is only Anti-Terrorism controlled) they are described in License Exception ENC 740.17, which includes the submission requirements that need to be made to BIS.

What is 5D992 C?

c components and ECCN 5D992. c ‘executable software’ of mass market products, except for non-standard cryptography as defined in part 772 of the EAR. With the elimination of this classification request requirement, many ECCN 5A992.

What is ENC license?

License Exception ENC authorizes the reexport and transfer (in-country) of non-U.S. products developed with or incorporating U.S.-origin encryption source code, components or toolkits that are subject to the EAR, provided that the U.S.-origin encryption items have previously been classified or reported and authorized …

What is ECCN number?

Export Control Classification Number
An Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) is a five-character alphanumeric key used in the Commerce Control List (CCL) to classify U.S. exports and determine whether an export license is needed from the Department of Commerce. An ECCN categorizes a product based on its commodity, software, or technology.

Which is an exception to the ENC license exception?

This License Exception ENC does not authorize export or reexport to, transfer (in-country) in, or provision of any service in any country listed in Country Groups E:1 or E:2 in supplement no. 1 to part 740 of the EAR, or release of source code or technology to any national of a country listed in Country Groups E:1 or E:2.

Where can I send a 5A992 encryption device?

Ø ECCN 5A992/5D992, for all other encryption items. Generally speaking, 5A992/5D992 products can be shipped without delay anywhere in the world (except for Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria) as No License Required (“NLR”).

Can a 5a002 product be shipped around the world?

5A002/5D002 products also generally may be shipped around the world under license exception ENC, provided certain restrictions are met (including, for example, restrictions on certain high-end products and end-users in certain restricted countries).