What does it mean when people say bush league?

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What does it mean when people say bush league?

“Bush league” describes something that is below professional standards.

Is bush league derogatory?

Bush league was originally slang for the baseball teams below minor league level. Over time, use of this expression spread from baseball, and now it can describe anything seen as inferior. People often use it as a mild insult, sometimes even in a jocular manner.

What does Bush move mean?

A “bush league move” is something done that lacks character and is morally questionable. So, if someone says that “was a bush league move”, it means that what was done was low-class, and not nice at all.

How do you use bush league in a sentence?

I thought that was kind of bush league, but what can you do. But that was a pretty bush league way about going to do something. “I could’ve done without all the bush league and Mickey Mouse stuff .” Sussman also ridiculed Goodstein and called his war of words ” bush league .”

What does the term jerk water mean?

1 : remote and unimportant jerkwater towns. 2 : trivial.

What does the term second rate mean?

: of second or inferior quality or value : mediocre a second-rate restaurant. Other Words from second-rate Synonyms Learn More About second-rate.

What does can of corn mean in baseball?

fly ball
Definition. A “can of corn” is a routine fly ball hit to an outfielder.

What is a bush league pinch hitter?

In baseball, a pinch hitter is a substitute batter. The pinch hitter assumes the spot in the batting order of the player whom he replaces. The player chosen to be a pinch hitter is often a backup infielder or outfielder.

What does it mean to strike a ball?

6. 1. Strike is a term used in baseball for a pitched ball that is counted against the batter. An example of strike is when a ball that was perfectly pitched is missed by the batter.

What’s the origin of bush league?

bush league (adj.) “mean, petty, unprofessional,” 1906, from baseball slang for the small-town baseball clubs below the minor league where talent was developed (by 1903), from bush (n.) in the adjectival slang sense of “rural, provincial,” which originally was simple description, not a value judgment.

What are bush league tactics?

The phrase bush league describes an action or attitude that ordinarily is unsportsmanlike. Technically speaking, someone can do something unfair, but it is not against the rules.

Where did the term jerk water town come from?

A very small and unremarkable town that is typically regarded as dull or boring. The term comes from the practice of “jerking water”: supplying steam locomotives with water from buckets, once a common practice in smaller towns.