What does MMbbl stand for?

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What does MMbbl stand for?

one million barrels
The abbreviations Mbbl and MMbbl refer to one thousand and one million barrels respectively. These are derived from the Latin “mille”, meaning “thousand”. This is different from the SI convention where “M” stands for the Greek “mega”, meaning “million”.

What is petroleum MB?

Million barrels. MMBL. Million barrels of petroleum liquids; includes crude oil, condensate, and. natural gas liquids.

What is the unit of volume of petroleum?

A Barrel is a measuring unit of the volume of oil in liters. Each barrel of oil in the United States or Canada contains 159 liters, which are equivalent to 42 US gallons.

What does bbl stand for in oil?

The abbreviation BBL refers to a barrel of crude oil. In the oil industry, an oil barrel is 42 US gallons. Some sources say this abbreviation originated with Standard Oil Co.

How big is a barrel?

42 gallons
Barrel, unit of both liquid and dry measure in the British Imperial and United States Customary systems, ranging from 31.5 to 42 gallons for liquids and fixed at 7,056 cubic inches (105 dry quarts, or 115.63 litres) for most fruits, vegetables, and other dry commodities.

What is boe daily?

Barrels of oil equivalent per day (BOE/D) is a term that is used often in conjunction with the production or distribution of crude oil and natural gas. One barrel of oil is generally deemed to have the same amount of energy content as 6,000 cubic feet of natural gas.

What does DCD stand for BP?

† Donation after circulatory death (DCD) has been re-introduced and contributes to donor numbers in many countries.

What is Mscf unit?

Abbreviation for a thousand standard cubic feet per day, a common measure for volume of gas. Standard conditions are normally set at 60 degF and 14.7 psia.

What unit is mcf?

Mcf is a unit of measurement for natural gas that equals 1,032 cubic feet, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. One Mcf is equal to approximately 1 million British Thermal Units (BTUs).

How many beers is 1 bbl?

Beer Barrels Measurement Conversion Table

beer barrels beers quarts
1 bbl 330.666667 124 qt
2 bbl 661.333333 248 qt
3 bbl 992 372 qt
4 bbl 1,323 496 qt