What does ovidrel injection do?

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What does ovidrel injection do?

Ovidrel (choriogonadotropin alfa) Injection is the hormone (hCG) that causes the growth and release of a mature egg (ovulation) used to treat certain fertility problems in women. Ovidrel is usually used in combination with another hormone (FSH) that helps cause healthy ovaries to produce eggs.

What do you do after ovidrel shot?

After you do the shot, you’ll schedule your egg retrieval for within 36 hours. Then the eggs are fertilized using your partner’s or a donor’s sperm. The fertilized eggs are then either transferred (when doing a fresh transfer) between 3 and 5 days after your retrieval or frozen (for later transfer).

Does ovidrel improve egg quality?

Ovidrel (injected r-hCG) acts very similar to the body’s luteinizing hormone (LH) that spikes just before ovulation. 1 The role of LH in the female reproductive system is to stimulate the maturing egg (still in its follicle in the ovary) to complete the stages of growth just before ovulation.

How long does it take to ovulate after ovidrel?

The patient will receive just one injection of a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin (Ovidrel) that will cause the egg(s) to be released about 38-40 hours later and to mature the egg(s) for fertilization. 36 hours after the Ovidrel injection, she is ready for the intrauterine insemination.

Does ovidrel cause twins?

Using this medicine can increase your chances of having a multiple pregnancy (twins, triplets, quadruplets, etc). A multiple pregnancy is a high-risk pregnancy for the mother and for the babies. Follow your doctor’s instructions about any special care you may need during your pregnancy.

Does egg rupture after hCG injection?

Ovulation (follicle rupture) usually occurs about 40-46 hours after the hCG is given. hCG is self-administered as an injection.

Where should ovidrel be injected?

Choose an injection site on the stomach, preferably around the belly button, but at least 1 inch away. 4. Carefully clean the injection site with an alcohol swab and allow it to air-dry.

How long does ovidrel stay in your system?

Following subcutaneous administration of Ovidrel®, hCG is eliminated from the body with a mean terminal half-life of about 29 ± 6 hours.

How long is ovidrel good for?

Patients should store the pre-filled syringe refrigerated to allow the product to be used until the expiry date shown on the syringe or carton. The Ovidrel® PreFilled Syringe may be stored by the patient for no more than 30 days at room temperature (up to 25°C (77°F) but must be used within those 30 days.