What does POF stand for guns?

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What does POF stand for guns?

Patriot Ordnance Factory
Firearms. Website. www.pof-usa.com. Patriot Ordnance Factory (POF-USA) manufactures and distributes law enforcement, military and civilian rifles in Phoenix, Arizona, and was the first manufacturer and seller of gas-piston-operated weapon systems on AR-style rifles in the United States.

Are POF guns any good?

It’s accurate and reliable, and the 7.62 cartridge hits hard. The only issue I ran into during testing was extraction with Russian Silver Bear ammunition’s zinc-coated steel cases. This load simply would not work, so I stopped using it. Otherwise, the Revolution ran without issue.

Who owns POF firearms?

Frank DeSomma is the owner of Patriot Ordnance Factory – POF-USA was the first company to take the gas piston AR to market and has been leading the way with their revolutionary platform innovations ever since.

Is Patriot Ordnance Factory good?

Patriot Ordnance Factory is one of those of brands that consistently produces superb rifles, and their latest gun—the Constable—not only offers a number of POF-exclusive features but also comes in at a price point that makes it one of the best bargains in black guns.

Which weapons are made in Pakistan?

Infantry weapons

  • HK G3 – 7.62 mm calibre assault rifle produced under license.
  • HK MP5 – 9 mm calibre sub-machine gun produced under license.
  • POF PK-9 – 9 mm calibre pistol.
  • POF PK-10.
  • POF PKL-30 – 7.62×25 mm calibre pistol.
  • PSR-90 – 7.62 mm calibre sniper rifle, a variant of the HK MSG-90, produced under license.

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What is a P416?

The P416 is a select fire assault rifle/carbine based on the AR-15 platform manufactured by Patriot Ordnance Factory, a US firearms manufacturer based in Phoenix, Arizona. Like the HK416 and LWRC SRT rifle series, it uses a short stroke gas piston as opposed to direct impingement.

Is POF Minuteman a good gun?

POF-USA’s Minuteman is an impressive gun possessing the reliability and accuracy needed to serve as a responsible citizen’s first line of defense for home or vehicle use. The firearm’s numerous innovations ensure it will be able to stand up to a lifetime of hard use and be ready to pass on to the next generation.