What does the word Apollyon mean?

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What does the word Apollyon mean?

: the angel of the bottomless pit in the Book of Revelation.

What is another word for destroyer?

In this page you can discover 39 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for destroyer, like: annihilator, bane, destruction, wrecker, downfall, ruiner, uprooter, terrorist, iconoclast, razer and saboteur.

What is another name for Abaddon?

Apollyon, the destroying angel, the Greek name for the Hebrew Abaddon.

What does abaddon mean in English?

: a place of destruction : an underworld abode of lost souls : hell.

What is difference between destroyer and frigate?

In general, a Destroyer is heavier, carries more firepower, and is slightly faster than a Frigate. Frigates also tend to have more of a focus on anti-submarine missions. However, both classes are frequently multi-mission capable. On the other hand, Frigates more numerous and less costly to build than Destroyers.

What does abaddon mean in Hebrew?

from Abaddon “the angel of the bottomless pit” (Revelation 9:11), going back to Middle English, borrowed from Late Latin, borrowed from Greek Abaddōn, borrowed from Hebrew ‘ăbhaddōn, literally, “destruction”

What is the meaning of the word Abaddon?

Definition of Abaddon : a place of destruction : an underworld abode of lost souls : hell

Where does the name Abaddon come from in Super Motherload?

Abaddon is a flagship for the human race in the Xbox Live game Abaddon Retribution. Abaddon is the name of a Martian in the game Super Motherload; Abaddon is the name of a software studio that produces roleplaying and strategy games founded in Winona, Minnesota.

Where does Abaddon from God’s demon come from?

In Wayne Barlowe ‘s God’s Demon, “Abaddon’s Pit” is a deep pit in Hell where the demon Abaddon resides and is considered an eternal punishment of darkness and torment for demons who disobey the ruler of Hell, Beelzebub. The antagonists call upon a stealth bomber code-named Abaddon in Andy McDermott ‘s book The Covenant of Genesis.

Who is Abaddon in the Book of the resurrection?

Abaddon is also said to have a prominent role in the Last Judgment, as the one who will take the souls to the Valley of Josaphat. He is described in the Book of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ as being present in the Tomb of Jesus at the moment of the resurrection of Jesus.