What does the word weleetka mean?

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What does the word weleetka mean?

Weleetka is Creek for “running water,” Wetumka means “tumbling water” and Wewoka is “roaring water.”

What county is weleetka OK in?

Okfuskee County

Located in Okfuskee County, Weleetka is situated ten miles southeast of Okemah, the county seat, and seven miles south of Interstate Highway 40 on U.S. Highway 75 and State Highway 84. In 1899 George F.

What is the zip code for weleetka Oklahoma?

Weleetka/Zip codes

How do you pronounce weleetka?

Weleetka, OK: Air date August 26, 2000 The name is not pronounced the way it is spelled. Residents say it “weleeka,” keeping the “t” silent.

How do you spell wetumka Oklahoma?

Wetumka is a city in northern Hughes County, Oklahoma, United States. The population was 1,282 at the 2010 census, a decline of 11.7 percent from the figure of 1,451 recorded in 2000.

Is wetumka an Indian name?

Originally located in the Creek Nation, Indian Territory, Wetumka was named for the former Creek town of Wetumpka in Alabama. Wetumka is a Creek word meaning “tumbling water.” Before the Civil War (1861–65), the Creek organized the Wetumka Indian Baptist Church.

Is there a Wetumpka in Oklahoma?

The area around Wetumpka was the heart of the Upper Creek lands. The Creek named Wetumka, Oklahoma, the same name as their historic village in Alabama after being forced west to Indian Territory in Oklahoma by United States soldiers under the Indian Removal Act of 1830.

What does the Indian word Wetumpka mean?

Etymology. The placename Wetumpka is derived from the Muscogee Creek Native American language phrase we-wau tum-cau meaning “rumbling waters”, believed to be a description of the sound of the nearby Coosa River at the rapids of the Devil’s Staircase.

What Indian tribe was in Wetumpka?

The Poarch Band is Alabama’s only federally recognized tribe, though the state recognizes nine others. They own and operate three major casinos in Montgomery, Wetumpka and Atmore.

What is the racial makeup of Wetumpka Alabama?

Wetumpka Demographics White: 61.71% Black or African American: 33.14% Two or more races: 2.47% Other race: 1.67%

Is Wetumpka a Indian name?

“The name ‘Wetumpka’ was taken from the Indian words ‘we-wau’ (water) and ‘tum-cau’ (rumbling or sounding), in reference to the noise made by the rocky shoals of the river. In 1837. the legislature divided the town and incorporated the area on the west side of the river as West Wetumpka.

What percentage of Prattville AL is black?

White: 75.80% Black or African American: 18.70%