What does top of form fault mean on a datamax printer?

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What does top of form fault mean on a datamax printer?

Problem Description. The printer could not find the TOF within the maximum label length setting, or TOF occurred in an unexpected place. Note. When using reflective media, this fault is given for an Out of Stock condition.

How do I calibrate my Datamax I 4208?

Quick Calibration > while the labels are installed press and hold the ‘Feed’ button for 10 seconds then release and at that point the printer should state “Calibration Complete” you might see the word pause on the printer display at that point press the ‘Pause’ button then the printer should state ready on its display.

What is a position fault?

A position fault occurs due to one of the following: An update was made to the application version. The printer was powered off or reset during a ribbon, out of stock or TOF fault. The printer was unable to complete the calibration.

What is the difference between rotational fault and positional fault?

Answer: When a player is out of position, a rotation overlap fault is called by the referee. The fault for being out of alignment results in a point being awarded to the other team. The team commits a positional fault, if any player is not in his/her correct position at the moment the ball is hit by the server.

What is volleyball position fault?

Position Faults a. The players of a team commit a position fault if they are not in their correct positions at the moment the ball is contacted by the server.

Which of the following describes a rotational fault?

Rotational Fault − If a receiving team earns a chance to serve, its players change positions and move clockwise, i.e. player in 1st position moves to 6th player in 2nd position moves to 1st, etc.

What do you mean by blocking fault?

block faulting in American English noun. Geology. the process by which tensional forces in the earth’s crust cause large bodies of rock to founder. Compare fault block.

What is the winning score in volleyball?

25 points
To win a game, a team must score 25 points with a two-point difference. If they’re too closely matched, the game can continue over the 25-point maximum. On the final deciding game of the match it’s only played until 15 points, but the two-point difference still applies.

What is an illegal block in volleyball?

A back-row player attempting to play a ball above the net is considered an illegal back-row blocker if the ball is attacked or blocked by an opponent into the back-row player while that player is reaching above the height of the net. An opposing blocker contacts the ball at the same moment A5 contacts the ball.

How to fix top of form error Datamax?

Look at the green bar that the label passes underneath and make format is Little/Big Endian specific. Then try holding in Feed again for media; Adjust media guides firmly against the edges of the media. This position is based on moving: 1) Press the FEED key.

What does top of form fault mean on Datamax O’Neil?

This Error Message Article explains the Datamax-O’neil M-Class Mark II error message “TOP OF FORM FAULT” that can appear on the printer LCD display and details how to fix the underlying problem that caused it to appear.

What causes TOF fault on Datamax-O printer?

It is some bad command/setting being sent to the printer causing the TOF fault. Sometimes setting the ‘TOF SENSING COMMAND’ to disabled ‘MENU’ > ‘COMMUNICATIONS’ > ‘HOST SETTING’> ‘TOF SENSING COMMAND’ > set to ‘DISABLED’, may ignore the software settings and not give that error.

How to troubleshoot top of form faults with the Honeywell printers?

I-Class Mark II- Getting red error light after changing labels. Printers Hardware: A-Class Mark II [G2], E-Class Mark II, E-Class Mark III, H-Class, I-Class, I-Class Mark II, M-Class Mark II How To Troubleshoot Top Of Form Faults With The Honeywell A / I / M / H Class printers. Troubleshooting Steps