What fish are biting on West Point Lake?

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What fish are biting on West Point Lake?

Fishing for largemouth bass, spotted bass, channel catfish, black crappie, white crappie, bluegill, redbreast sunfish, redear sunfish, white bass, hybrid striped bass and bowfin at West Point Lake in Georgia.

Where can I fish at West Point Lake?

West Point Lake has an abundance of bass, catfish, crappie, bream as well as many other fish species. Bank fishing is excellent around the lake and there are several public fishing piers at Hardley Creek Park, Rocky Point Park, and McGee Bridge Park.

Where is the best fishing in West Point Lake?

The Yellow Jacket Boat Ramp is a popular put-in and there’s plenty of good fishing in that area. To fish mid-lake and the whole lower end, use the boat ramp at Horace King Park, which has a picnic area and restroom. To fish above mid-lake, put in at Highland Marina.

Can you eat fish from West Point Lake?

On the river south of I-85, there is a restriction of no more than once a month consumption on largemouth bass. Any bullhead fish caught should not be consumed more than once a week.”

Are there alligators in West Point Lake Ga?

This isn’t the first time an alligator has been spotted in West Point Lake, according to Menken, whose DNR district includes Troup County. On average, there are two or three reports of alligator sightings each summer, and sometimes they’ve been reported as far north as the Chattahoochee River in Franklin, Menken said.

How deep is West Point Lake in GA?

21 m
West Point Lake/Max depth

Are there alligators in West Point Lake?

Is West Point Lake dirty?

In 2015, the seasonal average in the lake near West Point Dam was 5.47 µg/L; in 2020, the average was 12.25 µg/L. CRK noted that in the 1980s chlorophyll-a seasonal averages at West Point Lake were as high as 44 µg/L and causing dangerous and unsightly blooms of algae.

Is West Point Lake safe to swim in?

Despite a widely shared post on social media, the Chattahoochee Riverkeeper and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers said Thursday that West Point Lake is indeed safe for swimming. The corps conducts regular monitoring around the lake at three different recreation centers: Yellow Jacket, Rocky Point and Earl Cook beaches.

Why is West Point Lake so low?

Why does West Point Lake’s water level fluctuate so much? Sometimes during extreme high flow or low flow periods West Point’s lake level will fluctuate at a rapid pace. During high flow or flood events, West Point is used to store water to prevent flooding downstream of the dam.

What is the best fishing lake in Georgia?

The best bass lake in Georgia for big bass should come as no surprise. Seminole has long been known as the land of lunkers and the Creel Census Report shows it still produces the best fishing for quality bass in Georgia.

How was West Point Lake formed?

West Point Lake is a reservoir formed by the damming of the Chattahoochee River that is located on the Alabama-Georgia border. The lake has 525 miles of shoreline and covers 3,400 square miles.

What is West Point Georgia?

West Point is a city in Troup and Harris counties in the U.S. state of Georgia.