What happened at the end of season 5 of Glee?

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What happened at the end of season 5 of Glee?

In the end, Sam winds up on the side of a bus and then calls it quits as a model. He decides to go back home to Ohio now that everyone is scattering. He returns to McKinley High to see the old choir room, now serving as a computer lab.

What happened in Glee Season 5 Episode 15?

Rachel freaks out and insults Kurt before storming off. Kurt leaves and notices a man getting beat up in an alley. Kurt intervenes and stands up for both the victim and himself before being overpowered by the assailants. The scene ends with Kurt laying in the middle of an alley as the two men drive off.

Do the Glee kids really sing?

All cast members do their own singing and dancing.

Who died in season 5 Episode 15 of Glee?

Hypable surmises the reason for this shorter season is the hiatus that Glee took to grieve the death of Cory Monteith, the show’s Finn Hudson. Watch the Glee Season 5, Episode 15 promo on YouTube (follow this link) or scroll down to play the video. Listen to Glee’s “Colour Blind” cover here.

When does New York episode of Glee air?

Jump to navigation Jump to search. 14th episode of the fifth season of Glee. “New New York” is the fourteenth episode of the fifth season of the American musical television series Glee, and the 102nd episode overall. It aired on Fox in the United States on April 1, 2014.

Which is the best episode of Glee to date?

Rae Votta of Billboard called the episode “hands-down the best episode of “Glee” to date. There’s barely any contest. Season 1 purists will hold up the Pilot as an ideal episode, and you admittedly couldn’t get to here without those inventive and inspiring beginnings, but that’s just building blocks and not substance.

Who are the main characters in Glee on Broadway?

Rachel Berry ( Lea Michele) is a leading lady on Broadway with all that entails, Kurt Hummel ( Chris Colfer) is now rooming with both fiancé Blaine Anderson ( Darren Criss) and Sam Evans ( Chord Overstreet ), and film school student Artie Abrams ( Kevin McHale) has trouble getting places in his wheelchair.