What happened to Dahlquist speakers?

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What happened to Dahlquist speakers?

After leaving Dahlquist in 1990, Carl and his wife Marilyn went on to start Acarian Systems, which manufactured Alon speakers. although the company is no longer in business, the Alon units are still highly sought after in the used equipment market, and still much more attainable than the iconic DQ-10.

Are Dahlquist speakers good?

VERY good sounding. The ‘cabinet’ work was pretty unremarkable – these are not good looking speakers. And the parts were, as I said, not really expensive. This was a speaker built to a price point.

When did the Dahlquist dq-12 loudspeaker come out?

This new line, introduced at the Winter 1990 CES in Las Vegas, encompasses three models: the $850/pair DQ-8, the DQ-12 reviewed here, and the $2000/pair flagship, the DQ-20i. The Phased Array technique, first used in the DQ-10, mounts the drivers in an arc with the tweeter farthest from the listener.

Where can I get a Dahlquist woofer upgrade?

We would like to thank “Winchester Jazz Cathedral” of Massachusetts for the exceptional compliments on rebuilding their DQ-10 woofers and installation of our upgrade kits. Dahlquist, dahlquist speakers,dq-10,dq10,dalquist,dahlquist dq-20,dahlquist woofer,dahlquist woofer repair

What are the parts of the Dahlquist dq-12?

Looking at the rear of the speaker, the DQ-12 is divided into two sections: a bass enclosure, and an open-air midrange/tweeter baffle. This separation is not readily apparent from the front owing to the integral black-fabric grille.

Do you need shipping authorization for Dahlquist speakers?

Call us for a shipping appointment. Any items shipped to us will be refused without a shipping authorization number. Thank you. Upgrades & Accessories Dahlquist Speakers: The official site for Dahlquist speaker repair, parts, upgrades & products. Jazz at Winchester Cathedral