What happened to Divis Flats?

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What happened to Divis Flats?

Ultimately, after vigorous campaigning in the 1970s, large parts of the complex were demolished during the 1980s, though towers remain, forming distinctive elements on the city’s skyline.

Do people live in Divis Flats?

The tower, a vertical complex of 96 flats housing approx 110 residents, was designed by architect Frank Robertson for the Northern Ireland Housing Trust.

Why did the troubles start in 1969?

The conflict began during a campaign by the Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association to end discrimination against the Catholic/nationalist minority by the Protestant/unionist government and local authorities.

When were the Divis Flats built?

The Divis Flats, built from 1966-1972, were envisaged as a modern, high rise re-housing solution for those people who inhabited the densely populated slum streets of west Belfast at the tine. Their construction was supported by Nationalist politicians and the Catholic Church.

Are Divis Flats Catholic?

For the Roman Catholic residents of Divis Flats, the wrecking ball was the best thing that ever broke into their homes. Over the years, British soldiers kept watch on the huge apartment complex and hammered in more than a few doors looking for IRA weapons.

Who killed Patrick Rooney?

Neely Rooney’s son, Patrick, was nine years old when he was shot dead in 1969 in his home in Divis Flats at the bottom of the Falls Road in west Belfast. Patrick was hit by a bullet fired by a British soldier outside on the street.

Is Northern Ireland Protestant or Catholic?

Most of the population of Northern Ireland are at least nominally Christian, mostly Roman Catholic and Protestant denominations. Protestants have a slight majority in Northern Ireland, according to the latest Northern Ireland Census.

How much of Belfast is in County Down?

The majority of Belfast, the capital city of Northern Ireland, is in County Antrim, with the remainder being in County Down. According to the 2001 census, it is currently one of only two counties of the Island of Ireland in which a majority of the population are from a Protestant background.

When was RUC disbanded?

4 November 2001

Royal Ulster Constabulary
Preceding agency Royal Irish Constabulary
Dissolved 4 November 2001
Superseding agency Police Service of Northern Ireland
Legal personality Police force

Who survived the Shankill Butchers?

Most of the gang were eventually caught and, in February 1979, received the longest combined prison sentences in United Kingdom legal history. However, gang leader Lenny Murphy and his two chief “lieutenants” escaped prosecution.

Is Shankill safe?

The Shankill Road itself is best avoided especially at night. Falls Park and the area around it is dimly lit at night and is best avoided. The Crumlin Road is a unionist area and is generally safe during the day but not at night.