What happened to Marcus on Lab Rats?

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What happened to Marcus on Lab Rats?

The bionic siblings still had feelings for Marcus even after he betrayed them. Marcus was supposedly killed by Adam when Adam’s Blast Wave destroyed Douglas and Marcus’ house and crushed Marcus. Giselle found his body in Bionic Action Hero, and vowed to rebuild him. He returns in The Vanishing.

What episode does Marcus get exposed in Lab Rats?

Bionic Showdown: Part 1. Douglas is revealed as Marcus’ master. Douglas is revealed as Marcus’ master. Douglas is revealed as Marcus’ master.

Who plays Marcus off of Lab Rats?

Mateus Ward
Marcus Davenport (portrayed by Mateus Ward) is a main antagonist and a recurring character on the Disney XD series Lab Rats.

What happened on the last episode of Lab Rats?

February 3, 2016
Lab Rats/Final episode date

Is Tasha pregnant on lab rats?

In The Vanishing, it is revealed that she’s pregnant and the baby is a girl.

Why did Adam leave lab rats?

When saying where they wanted to go, Adam said he just wanted to go upstairs, implying that they have never been outside of the lab. The first day he came to Mission Creek High, he had a dream of becoming a cheerleader. This dream was later achieved, but he ended up quitting because the team was making fun of Bree.

Who is Marcus Davenport in Disney XD Lab Rats?

Marcus was then revealed to be a bionic android, created by Douglas Davenport after Donald booted his own brother out of Davenport Industries. Marcus decided to help his own father get his revenge against Davenport, in which later on, the three bionic teenagers would soon be heartbroken at the revelation that Marcus was a bionic spy.

Where are the lab rats in the vanishing?

The Lab Rats put their lives at risk when they face off against the vanished students’ captors – a nefarious duo they recognize from their past. The episode starts off at the academy.

Why was Marcus sent to spy on the lab rats?

Marcus was sent to spy on the Lab Rats and forced Leo to never convince them about him or they will be taken away again and maybe worse: become evil forever. It is revealed that his father wanted to use Adam, Bree and Chase to turn them into evil cyber soldiers for rent.

When was the last episode of Lab Rats?

“The Vanishing”is the 25-26th episode in Season 4, as well as the series finale of Lab Rats. It first aired on February 3, 2016. This is the 97-98th episode overall. It features the last appearances of Adam Davenport (who is mentioned several times in Lab Rats: Elite Force), Leo Dooley (who is…