What happened to Saeed Anwar daughter?

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What happened to Saeed Anwar daughter?

Anwar married his cousin, Lubna, a doctor by profession, in March 1996. He faced a personal tragedy in 2001 when his daughter, Bismah, died after a prolonged illness.

What is the age of Saeed Anwar?

53 years (September 6, 1968)
Saeed Anwar/Age

Why did Saeed Anwar retire?

In an interview with Rediff.com, Anwar said that the main reason for confirming his retirement was that he was not selected. “I thought it was no use hanging around. For someone closing in on 35, it was pointless waiting for six to eight months,” he said. “I have already lost two, three years due to injury.

Who is the first person to score 200 runs in ODI?

Sachin Tendulkar
In men’s cricket, the first player to score a double century was India’s Sachin Tendulkar. He scored 200 not out against South Africa at Captain Roop Singh Stadium, Gwalior, on 24 February 2010.

Who is highest individual score in ODI cricket?

Highest individual score in One Day International cricket as of August 2021, by player

Characteristic Number of runs scored
RG Sharma (India vs Sri Lanka – 2014) 264
MJ Guptill (New Zealand vs West Indies – 2015)* 237
V Sehwag (India vs West Indies – 2011) 219
CH Gayle (West Indies vs Zimbabwe – 2015) 215

Who ran for Saeed Anwar when he scored 194 against India?

This day that year: Saeed Anwar’s 194 eclipses Rahul Dravid’s maiden ODI century – Sports News.

Who is the No 1 Test batsman?

Rohit Sharma becomes the highest-ranked Indian batsman in the latest ICC Test rankings. England captain Joe Root has reclaimed the top spot for batsmen in the latest ICC Men’s Test Player Rankings.

How did Saeed Anwar get his 194 runs?

Opinions remain divided over his knock. 118 of his 194 runs came with Shahid Afridi operating as his runner, allowing Anwar to concentrate more on his boundary hitting skills. It was the 18th over of the innings, when Afridi, earlier out caught to a splendid catch by Sourav Ganguly, raced out when Anwar complained of muscle cramps.

What was Saeed Anwar’s record in cricket?

Saeed Anwar gave a pasting to the Indian bowlers scoring 194 off 146, a record that stood for 13 years. May 21, 1997 is not a date Indian cricket fans would remember fondly. Against their arch rivals Pakistan, India were blown away by a batsman with a pretty strong record against them.

How did Anwar reach his 100 in ODI?

It was in the 26th over that Anwar reached his 100, India’s poor fielding and ordinary aiding him. As an unimaginable 200 in ODI loomed, Anwar, who was cramping up pretty bad towards the end of the innings, top edged a sweep off Tendulkar, and was held well by Ganguly at fine leg.

Which is better Rahul Dravid or Saeed Anwar?

Anwar’s damaging 194 shadows over Aqib Javed’s five-wicket-haul and Rahul Dravid’s maiden ODI hundred, which was largely influential behind India finishing on 292. Thank you for subscribing to our daily newsletter.